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 @Janice Dean  @Rep Andy Biggs  @Andrew Cuomo This breaks my heart. Kill seniors because they are using resources? There is no place for acute care patients in nursing homes. No training, and no resources.  #ProtectTheElderly

Interesting conversation between Dr.John Campbell and Dr.Jon Tallinger about the use of morphine or oxygen and palliative care and face masks in Sweden.  #bytStrategiNu  #protecttheelderly  #skyddadomäldre  #skyddariskgrupperna  #masks4all  #coronaSweden https://youtu.be/JaWATIJy_K4

WI COVID mortality rates by age: Under 20 = 0% (0 deaths) 20-39 = .1% (16 deaths) 40-59 = .9% (85 deaths) 60-79 = 7.5% (346 deaths) 80+ = 24.5% (362 deaths) Under 60 = .4% (101 deaths) 60+ = 11.6% (708 deaths)  #ProtectTheElderly  #ProtectTheVulnerable  #LetTheKidsLive

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