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2010-07-01 17:48:20

"The temple in Dubai comes in response to their gracious invitation, which we gratefully acknowledge." -President Nelson  #GeneralConference

The Eight announced temples: - Bahia Blanca, Argentina - Tallahassee, Florida - Lubanboshi, Democratic Republic of Congo - Pittsburgh Pennsylvania - Benin City, Nigeria - Syracuse, Utah - Dubai, UAE - Shanghai, China  #GeneralConference

Temples in Dubai and Shanghai is pretty HUGE news!  #PresNelson  #GeneralConference

Shanghai? WOW!!!  #PresNelson  #GeneralConference

When temples are closed, you can still draw on the power of your temple endowment and covenants  #PresNelson  #GeneralConference

What is it that makes your invitation appealing to others?  #ElderChristofferson  #GeneralConference

The revelations of the restoration were not just for Joseph Smith alone, it's for everyone who lacks wisdom  #ElderChristofferson  #GeneralConference

The finest characteristic of any home is the image of Christ reflected in the homes' residents  #ElderClayton  #GeneralConference

The finest homes are refuges from the storms of life  #ElderClayton  #GeneralConference

Finest homes follow the blueprints of the Lord's finest homes, the temples  #ElderClayton  #GeneralConference

Residents in the finest homes make time to study the words of the scriptures and the living prophets every day  #ElderClayton  #GeneralConference

What matters is the interior design of the souls, not the actual structures  #ElderClayton  #GeneralConference

Establishing the finest homes have everything to do with the quality of the people living there  #ElderClayton  #GeneralConference

The restoration is not just a historical event. You and I play a part in this continuing restoration  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

It is God's power, not man's, that accomplishes His work on this Earth  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

God didn't wait to find a perfect person to restore His gospel. If He had, He would still be waiting  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Each of us would tire quickly with this level of heavenly micromanagement if He gave us every answer and mapped out every part of our life  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Our loving Heavenly Father has not given us every answer. He expects to do a lot of things on our own because that is how we learn.  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

He loves you regardless of he number of your Instagram followers... ...which is good because I just got on Instagram and have hardly any followers.  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

There is no level of perfection required to qualify for God's grace  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Jesus, despite being the king of kings, cares about each and every one of God's children  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Even in these trying times of the coronavirus, we can still be actively involved via online resources  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Actively participating in the Church of Jesus Christ will help will help us to be better prepared for life's changing circumstances, how serious they may be  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Being a disciple of Christ requires more than just talking and preaching  #ElderUchtdorf  #GeneralConference

Jesus Christ and his atonement is the refuge that we could all use  #ElderGimenez  #GeneralConference

"Saints can be happy under any circumstances."  #ElderGimenez  #GeneralConference

"Suffering is universal. How we respond to suffering is individual."  #ElderGimenez  #GeneralConference

Our Lord Jesus Christ provides refuge from all kinds of storms  #ElderGiménez  #GeneralConfernece

Our spiritual preparation is greatly enhanced when we regularly study from the scriptures  #ElderCook  #GeneralConference

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