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Business women are changing. We build digital empires. We make money from our phones. We change the world with wifi ⭐️


Houston, TX

2009-04-19 15:30:32

Who loves underboob?!

Who loves underboob?!

Yeah it’s called join that’s what super fans do 😝 http://AvasVipFans.com

 @Ava Addams hi do u have anything called super fan list? If yes, add me in that list. You are making me crazy everyday with your stunning eyes and sexpressions. Love you ❤️

Now we wait for approval... but we can still pass it along and get even more signatures while we wait! http://chng.it/mvyWvnXFPH

 @Ava Addams  @Bridgette B I have signed the petition what’s next?

Alright so my vote is salty! I rarely go for sweets. Right now I’m obsessed with Paleo puffs yummy (No I don’t follow a paleo diet or any really)

I love pool days! Happy #humpday  💋  Celebrate it with me!

I love pool days! Happy  #humpday 💋 Celebrate it with me! http://AvasVipFans.com

All right everyone...I have to go but I have each and everyone of you have a wonderful day! Ttyl 💋

I judge my scene characters based on chemistry&whether they’re nice and chill.Some people may have the same political views as me and be a complete asshole and I don’t want to be around them and vice versa.When it comes to work for me it’s hygiene chemistry and easy to work with.

As long as they didn’t bring politics to set no. However date-yes. some people can make it work from my experience not so much.

 @Ava Addams would you decline doing a scene with someone based on their political beliefs?

The other thing I can’t stand is when people tag me and other girls even if you’re saying something nice about me if you’re talking shit about someone else it annoys me to no extent. No reason to complement someone while putting someone else down. It’s ugly and unnecessary

PS talk shit on the Astros get blocked -remember I block all negativity! So if you have nothing nice to say just keep scrolling!

Best snack food

I got it done back in March and I wish I had done it sooner! For me recovery was a breeze and it’s just crazy how well I can see now.

Hello there 😏

Hello there 😏

This (amongst many other reasons) is exactly why we need more testing (accurate and quick ) made available to all! Sign & RT! http://chng.it/mvyWvnXFPH

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