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2020-06-04 03:14:32

 @Ole Vet "VetsResistSquadron" Nothing will save these dirty rotten filthy evil complicit bastards!! Everything Treasonous Trump has done is on them! Helping Putin put bounties on US troops, thousands dying from Trumpvirus because of lies and coverup!! Our allies slaughtered. Children dying in cages!Fuck them!

 @Edan Clay 🇺🇸  @Donald J. Trump It feels deliberate to me as well. His lack of action is undeniably in our face. The GOP is just as guilty.

 @NRA Interesting how when government tyranny actually came to the streets of America in the form of unidentified mercenary thugs assaulting & gassing innocent protesters in Portland--the big-talkin', boastful 2A lovers were nowhere to be seen. It was unarmed moms who showed up.

Every single thing  @Donald J. Trump is doing now is a fire sale... he's just going to make as much money as he can before he's ousted.

Caregivers Inc., a Pensacola-based company in which Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has reported holding between $100,001 and $250,000 in corporate stock, received a PPP loan valued between $350,000 and $1 million.

When are we going to talk about surging violence against low-income workers in America?

The pandemic is affecting how El Paso, Texas, will mark the one-year anniversary a shooting targeting Latinos at a Walmart that left 23 people dead. Parks will be lit with lanterns and victims’ families will view items preserved from a makeshift memorial.

“Dr. Fauci is someone who Americans trust,”  @Yamiche Alcindor says in response to Dr. Fauci cautioning Americans to “follow the science” on the lack of effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as treatment for COVID-19.

Why do redneck red state gun jackers think they have to prepare to defend themselves from "Liberal hordes" if they live in a Conservative state? Do they think the hordes are going to get "bused in" by Soros?

Just read this horrifying story that the CDC is predicting up to 11,000 people will die every week this month from the coronavirus. 11,000 Americans. Every single week. Because of Donald J Trump.

So I’m still seeing absolutely no one talk about the $765M Kodak-MAGA insider trading fraud scheme. That really needs to change.

I honestly believe  @Donald J. Trump is intentionally "allowing" Americans to die from  #COVID19... No one is so stupid that they accidentally kill 150,000 people and counting.  #VeryScaryPeople

“Collapse of hallowed American ritual” is absurd. NFL players typically weren’t even on the field for the anthem until after 9/11 (and weren’t required to be there until 2009). And TV almost never showed the anthem until after the protests started.

Colin Kaepernick won. When he started, just one athlete refused to stand for national anthem. Now, just one athlete refuses to kneel during anthem. In course of weeks, a complete collapse of hallowed American ritual.

Colin Kaepernick won. When he started, just one athlete refused to stand for national anthem. Now, just one athlete refuses to kneel during anthem. In course of weeks, a complete collapse of hallowed American ritual.

Coronavirus: Iran cover-up of deaths revealed by data leak

A state lawmaker who opposed Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s extended lockdown has been diagnosed with COVID-19, leaving numerous legislators potentially exposed

TikTok USA doesn't have to sell to Microsoft. They can sell to anyone they want. The POTUS doesn't have the power to ban a social media app. That's a violation of the first amendment. He is all bluff and bluster. People need to stop falling for his baloney.  #TikTokBan  #BanTikTok

the longer you don’t wear a mask, the longer we’re going to have to wear a mask.

Why spend billions of dollars searching for life on Mars when we can use it to rebuild the Earth?

“He’s talking about problems he caused himself, then claiming they’re an emergency, and using that as a reason to claim power himself. That’s a manufactured emergency and that is, in fact, a prime historical fascist tactic.”

Nobody has ever been elected president because of their VP pick.

Which is why the federal government should mandate a curriculum of essential classes.

 @Santiago Mayer Some towns, deep in rural America, focus heavily on Religion and not Science. It's the same towns that are highly influenced by their community's church, whom the pastor is telling the whole town to vote for your party. Churches have too much influence in the community.

Trump met with John Yoo at the White House last week. Yoo is one of the attorneys who authored a memo justifying the use of enhanced interrogation techniques including waterboarding in 2002.

Civil unrest. 160,000 dead Americans. Russian bounties. Paramilitaries in the streets. Who’s best days are ahead?

Lord & Taylor, the oldest U.S. department store chain, files for bankruptcy

RT if you think the  @NRA is a domestic terrorist organization

I marvel that if someone attacked the homeland with a biological weapon and killed 150,000 people, the Tom Cottons of the country would be like “let’s go to war on this enemy” instead of “hey, I’m not wearing that piece of fabric.”

Donald Trump and Republicans know that if people are heard, they will lose. So they’re willing to attack the very foundation of our country. They’re openly attacking the right to protest, the right to assemble, the right to vote. They’re openly threatening our democracy.

“ I don’t think he plans to leave the White House. He doesn’t plan to have a fair election. I believe that he plans to install himself in some kind of emergency way to continue to hold onto office and that is why the American people had better wake up.” -  @James E. Clyburn tells CNN

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