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2017-10-18 08:42:49

Chris Cuomo Names The Trump Character Traits That Are ‘Literally Making Us Sick’

Michigan is the new Ukraine.

Multiple sources tell  @ABC News Pres. Trump turned to former Yankee Alex Rodriguez for advice this week. A source close to Rodriguez described the call as “pleasant” adding that Trump was seeking thoughts from ARod about the coronavirus response.

Fox *News* should be shunned, and so should their viewers and advertisers. They've done more damage to this country than  #MoscowMitch and the  #LiarInChief combined.

@joncoopertweets @JoeBiden Fox News Poll Shows @JoeBiden CRUSHING Trump By 25 Points in Swing Counties


 @Jon Cooper 🇺🇸  @Joe Biden Fox News Poll Shows  @Joe Biden CRUSHING Trump By 25 Points in Swing Counties  #RidinWithBiden

JUST IN: 51 Italian doctors who tested positive for  #coronavirus have died - Italian Association of Doctors

Testing, testing, testing.

Why is Germany's #coronavirus death rate so low compared to other countries?

As @c_drosten — one of the country's leading virologists — explains, it mainly comes down to one basic thing.

Why is Germany's  #coronavirus death rate so low compared to other countries? As  @Christian Drosten — one of the country's leading virologists — explains, it mainly comes down to one basic thing.

We unceremoniously passed 600,000 reported coronavirus cases overnight. The number of worldwide cases doubled in less than a week. The latest 100k took just 1 1/2 days, before that 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 11 days, 3 months.

Something you learn when taking command of any Army unit, no matter size or scope of reaponsibility: You own it, on day one. No matter what your predecessor did or didn’t own it. If you don’t like those rules, don’t take command.

Trump Says Michigan Governor Blames 'Everyone Else for Her Own Ineptitude' After She Says Medical Equipment 'Delayed'

This Is a Man-Made Disaster, and That Man Is Donald Trump Of course he didn’t create it. So what? He had a job: Contain it. Make it cause the least amount of harm and death and disruption possible. Instead, he’s made it worse.

"The US response will be studied for generations as a disastrous, failed effort. What's happened in Washington has been a fiasco of incredible proportions. We are witnessing one of the greatest failures of governance and basic leadership in modern times."

 @GMony61  @Khashoggi’s Ghost Great point. And great reason to press him on it. I only watch to see him lose his sh*t when faced with genuine intelligence unwilling to kiss his ring.

 @Khashoggi’s Ghost  @JFL@🏠 If you notice ,any time somebody asks is a valid question, he snaps, so when you say why didn't anybody say anything ,the media is intimidated, these are not press conferences , they're campaign Rallies. You take care of yourself that's Rallies with a capital R.

Why did no one at the presser ask about all the medical equipment we sent to China in early February?

@waltshaub But don’t be a cutie pie!

 @Walter Shaub But don’t be a cutie pie!

 @Midwin Charles  @Walter Shaub Exactly why the press should use the word lie instead of misinformed or falsely claims.

 @Walter Shaub It’s proof of intent to lie and mislead. He KNOWS his words are bullshit. It’s why he’s suing to take down an ad that literally only quotes him.

he really doesn't like having his words fed back to him

We The People stand with Yamiche Alcindor. Thank you for a job well done in the face of authoritarianism.

No. 3 trending topic in America is  #BoycottTrumpPressConferences on Twitter. Do you find  @Donald J. Trump’s press conferences about  #coronavirus effective or ineffective? Useful info or his new rally? Should TV networks continue to air these press conferences?  #COVID19

Incredible job by  @Yamiche Alcindor. She ignored Trumps attacks and lies and kept asking the same question over and over

Donald Trump is standing up there blaming the doctors and nurses on national TV. He's. Blaming. The. Doctors. And. Nurses.

Please don’t let  #WeLoveYamiche trend. This is not what Donald Trump wants to see when he checks Twitter. It’s disrespectfulso to him please don’t do it! And the last thing we need is for him to feel disliked and  @Yamiche Alcindor to feel loved.  #WeLoveYamiche

Americans are dying, and the president is tweeting about his ratings.

Trump claims “one of the reasons” the US has more cases is because the US has done more testing. The truth is the US has not done the most testing per capita.


People are talking about Trump's presser all over my timeline. I can't really watch this, I will confess I can't stomach it. But I want to ask others -- is it really helpful to watch? I mean, this attention is what he craves. He's not really acting like a potus, why tune in?

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