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2007-11-26 15:17:02

Phone mtg w the Iowa Society of CPAs tax committee issues: covid-19 testing PPP auditing economic stimulus etc

I prefer a handshake but we all have to do our part to stop the spread of COVID-19  #99countymeetings

Very disappointed by the Big Ten making a decision that non conference games can’t be played Don’t they realize the Cy-Hawk game is a lot more interesting than many big ten games?? Especially disappointed Iowa can’t play MY UNIVERSITY uni BIG DISAPPOINTMENT

Q&A at TIP Rural Electric Cooperative in Brooklyn 23ppl issues: rfs waivers funding for rural schools livestock depopulation mail-in voting USDA rural development loans etc  #99countymeetings @ Brooklyn, Iowa

Tour/Q&A Pro Line Buildings in New Sharon 14ppl issues: economic recovery unemployment insurance PPP deductibility & forgiveness don’t defund the police etc  #99countymeetings @ New Sharon, Iowa

If u unroll the last couple emerging leaves of the corn u will find the beginning of the corn tassel  #cornwatch When it fully develops at top of stalk pollination begins &ear of corn will develop Soon I hope to show…

Q&A in Sigourney 13ppl issues: PPP back to school child care solar energy stimulus checks China foreign aid natl debt etc  #99countymeetings @ Sigourney Community School District

Q&A in Ottumwa 18ppl issues: PPP infrastructure broadband child care college affordability state/local $$ small biz etc  #99countymeetings @ Ottumwa, Iowa

New report says pharma raised prices of hundreds of drugs during the pandemic More proof that NOW is the time to lower Rx costs My bipartisan prescription drug bill should be in the next coronavirus relief bill/Dems MUST stop caring more about election yr politics than patients!

Tour/Q&A at Iowa Aluminum in Albia 15ppl issues: liability reform mental health stimulus workforce training etc  #99countymeetings @ Albia, Iowa

Q&A at Your Square Deal Furniture& Appliance 35ppl issues: deductibility of PPP my Rx Drug Bill protecting pre-existing conditions break up big meat packers Hong Kong etc  #99countymeetings @ Centerville, Iowa

Tour/Q&A at Performance Pipe in Bloomfield 18ppl issues: insulin cost cattle market transparency bill protect monuments covid-19 don’t defund the police etc  #99countymeetings @ Davis County, Iowa

Q&A Fairfield Economic Development Association 42ppl issues: infrastructure bill solar energy judges SECURE Act PPP deductibility higher ed test kits price gouging etc  #99countymeetings @ Jefferson County, Iowa

Q&A hosted by Van Buren County SAFE Coalition 12 ppl issues: mental health PPP rural health care back to school guidance transportation etc  #99countymeetings @ Keosauqua, Iowa

Congrats to Jimmy&Rosalynn Carter 74 yrs of marriage celebrated ysterday Barbara & I hv been married almost 66yrs What a blessing it’s been Pres Carter said yrs ago marrying Rosalynn was the most impt thing he’s ever done The Grassleys wish the Carters many more happy yrs 2gether

Tour/Q&A Gregory Mfg in Ft Madison 32ppl issues: PPP hold China accountable term limits Durham report bipartisanship police reform Thx Pres Trump for WOTUS repeal etc  #99countymeetings @ Fort Madison, Iowa

Q&A 28ppl in Mediapolis issues: biofuels small refinery waivers infrastructure unemployment insurance liability reform natl debt vocational training etc  #99countymeetings @ Mediapolis City Hall

Thx to the Mt Pleasant Chamber for my new mask Q&A 28ppl issues: unemployment insurance PPE/staffing needs at nursing home rural health care affordable housing child care PPP etc  #99countymeetings @ Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Q&A in Columbus Junction 17ppl issues: education PPP Locks & Dams my prescription drug pricing bill etc  #99countymeetings @ Columbus Junction, Iowa

@Donald J. Trump  #CommonSense AfricanAmerican former Congressman Col Allen West was just ask what explanation why ppl wld tear down Frederick Douglass statue in Rochester said “They are ignorant” meaning ignorant our history and Douglass fight agst slavery

@Donald J. Trump  #CommonSense IF NO PROSECUTIONS TIL AFTER ELECTIONS SAD SAD //just think Flynn Mueller Impeachment/ The deep state is so deep that ppl get away w political crimes/Durham shld be producing some fruit of his labor

@Donald J. Trump  #CommonSense Barr recently said “this is the closest we have ever come to an organized effort to push a president out of office “ leads me to think Durham wont report any prosecutions til after election so as not influence vote. SAD SAD

Corn used to be knee high by Fourth of July now shoulder high by Fourth of July  #cornwatch

 #realDonaldTrump  #CommonSense It irritates me when Democrats infer cozy relationship between Trump/Putin when this Prez gave lethal weapons to Ukraine agst Russia when Obama gave nothing lethal to Ukraine

Difference in height of two bean fields is abt ten days between planting  #soybeanwatch

@Donald J. Trump  #CommonSense u can name the 3or4 Presidents each who promised to move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem NONE DELIVERED/Trump kept his promise NICE TO HV PRESIDENT WHO MOT ONLY RUNS ON A PROMISE BUT KEEPS IT

Happy Fourth of July! 🇺🇸 @ Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Since 1826 the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull has been displayed in the Capitol Rotunda.  #realhistorychannel It depicts the presentation of the 1st draft to the second Continental Congress. A wk later…

@Donald J. Trump  #CommonSense I’ve been following Peggy Noonan&PeterThiel a long time Each seemed to be supportive of POTUS til now/ lately I think they’ve soured on POTUS/I suggestPOTUS spend as much time on ph w them as he does Graham&Perdue

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