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2013-05-15 17:20:24

why did the circle have to go and be a genuinely wholesome show?

update: almost paralyzed myself on my trampoline

also thank u @NHLSeattle_ for giving me something to look forward too after this sad season

also thank u  @Seattle Kraken for giving me something to look forward too after this sad season

come for me haterz

come for me haterz

bout to prove all of you wrong

“can you do a backflip” pffttt

on a trampoline rn

streaming rn. come watch;

and please add on to this with other mental health organizations we can donate to outside of the US.

in honor of Audrie, Daisy, and their families, i am once again donating to  @The Lifeline and i ask that you all join me in giving anything you can spare. this would mean more to me than any one of you can know. # thank you for this Daisy ;

tw: s*icide & r*pe my heart hurts and my throat is burning learning of the loss of Daisy Coleman. she fought for so long, advanced the conversations around s*icide and s*xual assault, and i know her mere existence has had a profound impact on me and my life as i know it.

holy shi new  @iDKHOW BUT THEY FOUND ME slaps

does twitter work

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