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2009-03-10 14:14:56

Bill Gates help fund an event LAST YEAR called “Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Preparedness Exercise” October 18, in New York?! – Investment Watch

The Trump Administration Drove Him Back to China, Where He Invented a Fast Coronavirus Test

Wuhan the Center of Outbreak and Espionage [OPINION]

Using Africans as guinea pigs for testing. Coronavirus: Eto'o, Drogba fuming at doctors' "racist" and "disgusting" proposal for Africa -

Fact Check: Truth of corona conspiracy theory behind arrest of Harvard professor - Fact Check News

People transmitting virus to animals.

I’ve read reports from Chinese doctors that say do not treat with NSAID’s.

Trump to Fire Intelligence Watchdog Who Had Key Role in Ukraine Complaint - The New York Times

Trump Calls New Fuel Economy Rule a Boon. Some Experts See Steep Costs. - The New York Times

Getting rich off of Covid-19 victims.

Apparently, we now have enough PPE for people to begin covering their face.

GOP getting rich from COVID-19, while more Americans die.

Federal Government cornering the market on protective equipment, preventing state’s access. Coronavirus in Massachusetts: Sen. Elizabeth Warren writes a scathing letter to FEMA for seizing and outbidding medical equipment

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