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2011-10-05 18:25:23

Daily esfandOkay @EsfandTV

Daily esfandOkay  @Esfand

Live now! forgot to tweet, doing recap and then starting ranking

SCHEDULE THIS WK (CST) Tues 11AM - LONG RANK STREAM Wed 11AM - possible media share LONG RANK STREAM Thurs - Off Fri - 11AM Ranking Stream + MK11 DLC Sponsor Saturday 2PM - Raid Day (no recap) - TBD Sunday - 2PM Variety Monday - 2PM Variety Might do GTA 4 this wk, still TBD :)

Going live in about 15 minutes! Got an update on progress of house stuff! Things going well there which is good, doing more ranking today but I might do some a Twitch Bounty for Civ 6 and Crucible today too, should be fun see you soon

Meeting with Realtor about more house stuff with Miz and I’ll be live when I come home

Love you all, thanks for everything <3

Love you all, thanks for everything <3

Having rly hard time balancing a schedule of WoW ranking, variety streams, building a house, and staying healthy while doing it. Schedule's probably going to change a bit week to week while I figure out what's best. Appreciate you guys being so supportive while I figure it out <3

Just woke up, getting better at being on time going live soon

I'm on Allcraft with  @Rich Campbell and  @Zack right now, come check it out!

I’d say know wtf you’re talking about before you say it. There’s plenty of times on video and stream I’ve talked about how you’ve got to account for the times. Also, Classic was never “no changes” and anyone who doesn’t know that doesn’t know shit about the game, past or present.

 @Esfand You guys cried till you got vanilla now you want vanilla with a swirl.. I'd say figure out your flavor.

If someone makes this into a good emote I’ll add it

If someone makes this into a good emote I’ll add it

Frick I overslept... going live ASAP

@EsfandTV subreddit gets funnier and funnier everyday😆

 @Esfand subreddit gets funnier and funnier everyday😆

Everyone participating in this....

You are an idiot.

Everyone participating in this.... You are an idiot.

HERE IS THIS WEEKS SCHEDULE (Times CST) Mon - PUG ZG & WoW PvP - 11AM Tues - FF7R Hardmode 2PM Wed - FF7R Hardmode 2PM Thurs - Maybe Rajj or Flex Day WoW or FF7R depends on if I finished FF7R or not - 2PM Fri - WoW Ranking 11AM Sat - Day off? Sun - WoW Ranking 2PM CST Thx guys!

Thank you guys for the incredible streams lately, I need to take a day off and get caught up on some things. I may stream on my second channel a bit to talk about plans and stuff, if you guys wanna give some input. Otherwise I’ll see you again on Sunday!

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