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2009-08-12 20:15:04

NEW on  @Human Events. from Nicholas Guy: President Trump Should Not Rely On NATO.

NEW from me on  @Human Events.: Democrats assert—without evidence—that President Trump sought "personal favors" from Ukraine. Adam Schiff's impeachment report proves the opposite. Should have been more careful, Shifty!

NEW on  @Human Events. from Joyce Toledano: Qatar is Destabilizing the Middle East.

NEW on  @Human Events. from Gregory Wrightstone: Principled Inaction in the Face of Climate Change Extremism.

NEW on  @Human Events. from Patrick Garry: The Real Purpose Behind the Immigration Debate.

NEW on  @Human Events. from Caleb Beers ( @Caleb Beers): Soft Genocide: The Future Of Xinjiang.

NEW on  @Human Events.: An outstanding piece on the dilemma facing the Uyghurs from Caleb Beers. A reminder that there’s more pressing matters than this asinine impeachment hoax. Soft Genocide: The Future Of Xinjiang.

NEW on  @Human Events.: The Oversight War has begun. It's time for the  @Senate Republicans to start fighting back against the Democrats with intrusive investigations of their own. My latest: Senate Republicans Are AWOL In The Oversight War.

If you're surprised by what's happening in Hong Kong, you clearly didn't read  @Tom Sauer 🇺🇸 ⚓️ 💣's article in  @Human Events.

Adam Schiff really thinks he can impeach President Trump because he didn’t give Marie Yovanovitch an explanation when he fired her 🤡🤡🤡🤡  #ImpeachmentHearing

NEW from  @David Krayden: Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare Plan Demands $52 Trillion—But at What Cost?

Elizabeth Warren's $52 trillion harebrained scheme to provide Medicare for all (including illegal immigrants) isn't merely untenable--it's dangerous to national security.

NEW on  @Human Events. from Mark Everette: A simple case. Designate Mexican Drug Cartels as Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

NEW on  @Human Events. from Francis Sempa: A rising China threatens America's place as the foremost world power. Richard Nixon dealt with a similar problem while President - masterfully. President Trump should follow his lead.

New on  @Human Events. from Thomas Brown ( @The Swamp): Chinese Nationalism isn't just a problem for America. It's a problem for the CCP too. The Threat(s) of Chinese Nationalism.

Contrapoints vs. Non-Binary Nonsense. A trans intellectual is banished for questioning the value of “gender-neutral” language. My latest for  @Human Events..

Mexico is at war. It’s one of the most dangerous countries on earth. Acknowledging this reality is neither racist nor’s realistic and necessary...and matters for US border/immigration policy. My article from 2 weeks ago:

NEW on  @Human Events. from  @David Krayden: CNN: For when you want your news coupled with a complete lack of self-awareness.

Horse trading is not an impeachable offense Horse trading is the oxygen of politics; it’s how politicians are persuaded to care about things that otherwise wouldn’t make their radar Enough Quid Pro Quo Gaslighting Read my first  @Human Events. piece below:

NEW on  @Human Events. from  @Alex Bruesewitz:  @Donald J. Trump has made it clear: there was no "quid pro quo" with Ukraine. But even if there was - that's just part and parcel of the work of governing. Horse trading is not an impeachable offense.

Hillary Clinton Has Become The Eva Perón of American Politics The attack on Tulsi Gabbard is a desperate grasp for relevance, writes  @David Krayden for  @Human Events..

ICYMI - Yesterday  @Tucker Carlson gave SEIZE THE ENDOWMENTS the stamp of approval.  @Human Events. has been at the forefront of this movement. Check out Garrick Davis' article on the subject, THE SCANDAL OF OUR SCHOOLS.

Tucker Carlson asked tonight: why not "seize the endowments" of our wealthy universities? Here's an article in  @Human Events. which discussed the reasons why that's a great idea.

NEW on  @Human Events. from yours truly: China's soft power is growing - to the point that the debate is no longer about nationalism vs. globalism, but American nationalism vs. Chinese imperialism. And it's by no means clear that we'll prevail.

Actually,  @Will Chamberlain, even the overflow tickets have now sold out. But we do have a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky person who replies to THIS tweet and tags  @Human Events. and  @AM 560 The Answer. We’ll pick a winner at random tomorrow at 12noom CT.

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