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2011-09-01 18:15:48

Hans von Spakovsky: Despite Trump tweet, election won’t be delayed — but all-mail voting poses grave dangers https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/postpone-election-trump-hans-von-spakovsky  #FoxNews

 @Jim DeMint  @Louie Gohmert I personally know both men: Rep. Gohmert and Brendan Buck. Without a doubt, Louie is an American patriot and hero. On the other hand, Buck is the guy you send out for coffee before the fighting begins--which was exactly his role when we were taking on the Obama-Biden radicals.

@Louie Gohmert is a patriot, a dedicated public servant and a skilled statesman. He was re-elected for his 8th term with 72% support of the people from Texas’ 1st District. He’s kind, charismatic, and selfless. He contracted COVID & this is K Street’s response.  #DrainTheSwamp

Von Spakovsky & Stimson: Barr rightfully defends fed response to dangerous rioting, as House Dems attack him https://fxn.ws/335E5Qa  #FoxNews

We can go to the grocery store and pharmacy. Then why are some officials insisting we can't vote in-person? https://dailysign.al/3g42lpn via  @Hans von Spakovsky  @The Daily Signal

Given Judge Emmet Sullivan’s past statements and behavior, it seems more likely that he really intends to conduct something more akin to an inquisition in the Flynn case. https://dailysign.al/39mysxZ via  @Hans von Spakovsky  @The Daily Signal

An Ivy League law professor shares his firsthand experience with cancel culture from his own administration because of his off-campus critiques of Black Lives Matter. https://dailysign.al/32JtMkq  @The Daily Signal

New FBI document confirms the Trump campaign was investigated without justification https://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/499586-new-fbi-document-confirms-the-trump-campaign-was-inve...

DACA rescission 2.0 is good policy. Amnesty is not https://washex.am/399cKxt

Great new report on problems with absentee/mail-in ballots https://www.honestelections.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/VoteByMail.pdf

Robert Mueller’s op ed praising his lawyers was amusing; it took them 2 years to figure out Russia collusion claim was hoax - competent, unbiased lawyers could’ve figured it out in 2 months

“The plaintiffs are only raising the threat of worsening the settled fact that voter fraud is most common in the mail,”  @J. Christian Adams says. https://dailysign.al/2W1h3W8 via  @Fred Lucas  @The Daily Signal

The Supreme Court took a major step forward to safeguard the electoral college system. https://dailysign.al/2Z40HOv via  @Hans von Spakovsky  @The Daily Signal

In Harpers Ferry, a clerical error, combined with a lack of integrity on the part of some elected officials, was enough to alter the outcome of a town council election. It shows that every legitimate vote counts. https://dailysign.al/2O2XSH7 via  @Hans von Spakovsky  @The Daily Signal

Von Spakovsky & Stimson: Supreme Court ruling on illegal immigration is a victory for Trump administration https://fxn.ws/3fYct2z  #FoxNews

But another win for administration on immigration & border security

Standing by for  #SCOTUS opinions at 10am. Still awaiting decisions on: abortion, CFPB, Little Sisters/contraceptive mandate, POTUS tax returns, "faithless electors" and more. We've got you covered on  @Fox News

"H-1B visas, in particular, have become an insidious way for major corporate industries, particularly tech companies, to exploit legal loopholes and avoid hiring — or even to replace — American workers who are deemed 'too expensive.'" https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/06/25/covid-19-trump-suspends-guest-worker-visas-column/...

DOJ whistleblower admits to seeking job with House Democrats during Trump impeachment https://fxn.ws/2CELwmh  #FoxNews Elias is typical of the many radical, partisan, biased atttys I saw in career ranks at DOJ who masquerade as “objective” civil servants

Hans von Spakovsky: Wrongful Michael Flynn prosecution blocked by appeals court – legal nightmare should end https://fxn.ws/37ZMFk3  #FoxNews

There is no reason why we can’t hold political rallies when country is reopening. https://dailysign.al/3fHHLuE via  @Hans von Spakovsky  @The Daily Signal

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