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2019-07-18 06:29:35

.@DanScavino posted this on FB.😂

@Dan Scavino posted this on FB.😂

The central issue in this campaign (and 2024 and 2028) will be China which makes  @Donald J. Trump an easy choice over  @Joe Biden:

Just so we’re clear: The same people who think a cloth “mask” will stop a virus believe a border wall won’t stop illegal border crossings. 🤔

Politico reports Chelsea Clinton and Ghislaine Maxwell were such ‘close friends’ they actually vacationed together

 @BeachMilk Suddenly I understand the urge to topple statues LOL

. . . good reason to think we can flip a number of metro districts that had very high student voting support. Just for ex (from the article) Las Cruces (NM2, a 2018 flip to Ds) was lost by a mere 4,000 votes. NM State is 11,000 students. At 30% loss x D/R split= -3,000.

NFL players are considering sitting out the entire season until Colin Kaepernick is signed... Honestly I don’t really give a damn... I don’t watch NFL games anymore.. Retweet if you are still boycotting the NFL🙋🏻‍♀️  #BoycottTheNFL

The origins of Autism can be traced back in time to the first diagnoses, which just so happens to correspond to environmental poisoning - in many forms, including vaccination.

How many people did the media kill by attacking hydroxychloroquine? 🤔🧐

What we NEVER heard Fauci say: “The protests must stop. This is not about the issues raised by the protesters. This is about public health. So disband the large gatherings, go home and stay home.” Had Fauci said that, he would have retained his credibility. Now he has none

Hey hi it’s me

The kids are waking up.

The kids are waking up.

REPORT: President Trump DENIES the city of Minneapolis' $500 million for damages during riot... DO YOU SUPPORT THIS DECISION?

 @Tribunal Watch Ha! Now mask will be a thing of the past? 😂🤣😂

Nobody believes you ate  @Goya Foods to begin with.  #congri

 @Dinesh D'Souza yes that is absolutely true. Before the whites even arrived here, tribes were warring on other tribes, taking slaves was common. They would cut off arms or hands, scalps an bring them back as war trophies.

 @Dinesh D'Souza He who is without sin, and he who is without sinful ancestors, cast the first stone.

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