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2016-11-09 21:40:35

The NFL said they will FINE PLAYERS if they go to CHURCH, but they can go to BLM RALLY, a professed Marxist group, or any protest.

Imagine if Hunter Sleaze Ball was a Trump.  Will Eva Pelosi demand hearings, will Sleaze Ball have his bank accounts subpoenaed, will there be a criminal investigation, will the media demand answers?  No, no, no, no and no. https://freebeacon.com/2020-election/for-biden-family-a-history-of-tax-problems/

Conclusion: Lockdowns don’t work. Sweden looks to be done with Covid-19. Protect vulnerable and as for everyone else, wash your hands, be smart, move on.

Guys... Time to start worrying about Europe again.

Guys... Time to start worrying about Europe again.

I absolutely will not take a COVID vaccine.

It looks like Lemon may have something to hide🤔

Barack Obama sent pallets of cash to terrorists.  @Donald J. Trump is putting cash in the pockets of Americans!

Racism is the witchcraft of the 21st century. Now, as then, it’s hard to find witches. Many people haven’t actually seen a witch. Yet powerful people create public hysteria & insist witches are everywhere. Some are invisible! Now, as then, it’s about power and social control

Biden thinks Black people can't think for themselves and have no diversity of thought, he's a FULL BLOWN RACIST! There's no "wiggle room"...🙄

People say defund the police ... how about defund the media!

Is there a bigger Oxymoron than watching someone smoking walk up and put on a mask to go into an establishment to buy more cigarettes...

White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding President Trump to Mount Rushmore, New York Times reports https://cnn.it/2PFix4R

Biden says HE will pick the best “WOMAN” for VP. He needs to pick the best PERSON-if she’s a woman, great. We WOMEN are NOT tokens for this man’s campaign. We r not here so  #Biden can say HE picked a woman as tho she’s otherwise not deserving.  #PickthebestPERSON, Joe!  #TrishIntel

What is absolutely horrifying is that after it has been now proven that the FBI was willfully involved in a soft coup, no FBI whistleblowers have come forward and Director Wray continues to stonewall the counter investigations. The FBI cannot regain trust without accountability.

And can we finally stop the “teachers are heroes” nonsense? They don’t stop gunmen, rush into burning buildings, or battle terrorists in the desert. They’re mostly far leftists indoctrinating kids into Marxism while their communist unions demand they be paid to do nothing.

“The NBA is struggling in a big way with their audience right now....the vast majority of sports fans have no interest whatsoever in social-justice warrior-dom, or politics being mixed with sports.” —Clay Travis, http://Outkick.com https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/aug/9/mark-cuban-takes-jab-fox-after-tucker-carlson-post/

The President got as much help as he could to our People. The Democrats are trying to bankrupt us so Trump is blamed. The Democrat leaders are willing to hurt America to defeat Trump. They need to be taught a lesson. Vote for Trump, not the Puppet.

Today is a perfect day for Trump to fire Director Wray and start to clean house at the corrupt FBI.

Retweet if they should put President Trump on Mount Rushmore!

“Hands up don’t shoot!” Never happened.

Can you feel the Trump Momentum building? We haven’t even got to the debates yet! 🤣🤣🤣

Hillary said if she goes down half of D.C. goes with her. Our Father, who art in Heaven........

Reminder ... The U.S. government released footage of actual UFOs this year and nobody cared.

 @Justin Amash If it is good enough for Obama, it’s good enough for  @Donald J. Trump.

 @Justin Amash Why are you upset at Trump helping the American people 🤔

 @Justin Amash I didnt hear you mention any of this about DACA...??? Go figure??

 @Justin Amash How’s the family Chinese business Justin?

 @Justin Amash Now do Obama

If the extra $400 a week on top of your unemployment isnt enough after you just had $600 a week on top of your unemployment... maybe it's time for your ass to go back to work.

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