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2012-03-06 03:42:52

My name is Jeremy Tate I’m on a mission to return conservative ideas to our education system I started  @CLT to end the leftist indoctrination happening in academia I am using social media to help spread the word Please RT & follow me I need all of the support I can get!

Did you know: Seven elected Democrats have been charged or pled guilty to charges of corruption or fraud in the past week alone That's an average of ONE PER DAY! Charges include: —Voter Fraud —Wire Fraud —Bribery The Democrat Party is a lawless party. RT!

Had several correctional officers reach out to me. I know this sounds weird, but I’m really excited about the prospect of registering voters in prisons. Happy to do a cleanup w/ prisoners, too. I’ll go to schools, nursing homes, & prisons. Just need a foot in the door.

"For him to exercise his Second Amendment rights, to defend his life and his family and his property, and then have people in authority find fault with the perfect natural God-given instinct to self-defense, this could be the new Twilight Zone," @TedNugent told @toddstarnes.

"For him to exercise his Second Amendment rights, to defend his life and his family and his property, and then have people in authority find fault with the perfect natural God-given instinct to self-defense, this could be the new Twilight Zone,"  @Ted Nugent told  @toddstarnes.

If any of my followers are correctional officers, I would love the opportunity to register voters in prisons. Our non-violent prison population needs to hear about how President  @Donald J. Trump signed legislation to give people a second chance. I will go anywhere.

Any "Republican" who supports BLM Inc. is NOT a Republican and they should leave the party immediately or be forced out by party leadership. RT If you agree!

BREAKING: House Democrats just introduced a resolution to impeach Attorney General Bill Barr All they care about is destroying any semblance of law & order in America and this is just further proof RT if you stand with AG Barr!

My name is Al Lemmo. I’m running for Congress to defeat radical Rashida Tlaib. My campaign is counting on the support of patriotic Americans like you. Please Retweet and follow me to help send Rashida packing.

Since we’re dismantling anything built by white supremacists I guess it’s time to get rid of Planned Parenthood

Did you know: None of the living, former presidents support Donald Trump's re-election. RT if you support him EVEN MORE now!

RT if you stand with our brave Police Officers!

Libs are like Holy shit this city has gone to hell, then move to an upscale town in a red state, and start voting for the same Dem policies that fucked up their city

Mr President. I believe the criminals in Seattle will collapse under their own weight. Let it happen on its own. I smell a set up if you send in Fed troops.

If thousands can gather in New York City—a hotbed for the virus, with ZERO social distancing, for “Black Trans Lives” with virtually ZERO media condemnation Then President Trump should be able to hold rallies across the country without the press fearmongering RT if you agree!

I have regained control of my Facebook page and prayer group. Please let interested parties know. Thank you!

Archbishop Wilton Gregory critisized  @Donald J. Trump for visiting the Shrine of Pope John XXIII. However, he let Nancy Pelosi, a supporter of late term abortion, speak from the pulpit at St. Matthew’s Cathedral. If he can’t control his political bias he should be removed.

RT if you want to see a federal investigation into who is funding and organizing the TERRORISTS burning down our cities!

Still,Pelosi & Schumer refuse to condemn the violence, looting & arson.Why is there no condemnation of their intentional silence?How do we unite as a country if the leadership of the biggest political party in the nation refuse to openly -passionately reject anarchy& criminality?

The Left’s goal is to pressure Trump to authorize the national guard to fire on the rioters—thereby proving he’s a murderous tyrant. They don’t care how many Black neighborhoods must burn in the process. I don’t know how anyone in good conscience can ever vote Democrat again.

Be sure to send a prayer out for Rush Limbaugh. He just entered his third wave of treatment and said it’s been difficult. Praying for you, Rush! 🙏🏻

If you loot riot and destroy you lose all moral credibility, in my eyes, to protest injustice

BREAKING: Rep. Matt Gaetz is drafting a bill that would strip social media networks of their legal immunity (Section 230). This would allow users who have been banned, or had content removed, to sue in court. These networks must be held accountable! RT!

Twitter “fact-checked” President Trump with articles claiming mail-in voter fraud doesn’t exist. On the same day, a USPS postal worker was arrested and charged for altering mail-in ballots. You can’t make this stuff up.

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