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2009-12-05 12:42:02

We previously discussed former Clinton aide Brian Fallon calling the Steele Dossier "money well spent"-a dossier that the IG believed may have been used for Russian intelligence for disinformation. There is however one thing money is "not well spent" on...

AG Barr just said that the federal government has made 51 arrested for federal crimes. I discussed today how the DOJ seems to be applying an exceptionally broad jurisdictional claim on such cases.

It would be easy for the public to be confused in the positions against investigating aspects of the Russian investigation. Sen. Feinstein that this would give "unbridled authority to go after Obama-era officials" in an investigation into such ...

Rosenstein ultimately supported the need for further investigations including the Durham investigation, dismissed claims that Trump committed obstruction, and stated that he would not have signed off on the continued surveillance if he had known the truth.

Ironically, Antifa is a vehemently anti-free speech organization and it could achieve that purpose if it is declared a terrorist organization. Such a designation of the entire movement could prove highly damaging to free speech in this country.

The NYT is under fire today for publishing Sen. Cotton's opinion on the use of troops to quell the unrest. The call for censoring opposing views from writers is a chilling example of how much ground has been lost in the protection of free speech values...

A guy in a joker mask burns a police vehicle in Chicago. So why is this a federal crime? Because the police car belongs to the city government, which buys vehicles in interstate commerce. That is no joke if you value state authority over police powers.

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