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2016-10-19 14:19:25

The Senate has stripped language from an intelligence bill that would have required presidential campaigns to report offers of foreign election help. Sen. Mark Warner said Republicans forced the removal of the election reporting provision.

 @julie k. brown You & your team at the Miami Herald deserve a lot of credit for the great work you did on the Epstein story. Hopefully these young women finally get the justice they deserve. Congrats Julie.

You know why political ads from, like  #HeWenttoJared, and  @The Lincoln Project's Russia ad are so powerful? Because Trump and his goon squad have been up to no fucking good for 4 years. That makes for a more compelling ad than "Biden stuttered."

@Ron DeSantis , my dad voted for you, but after your failed response to the pandemic & your 'God's waiting room' comment, he knows that you're not fit to be Governor! Today is his birthday. You can make it right by giving him your resignation as a birthday gift!

How to Tell if You Need a New iPhone Battery via  @YouTube

Facebook on White Supremacy...

Trump did not read Taliban on...

Facebook Ad Boycott....

Supreme Court decision on Trumps Taxes!

Yes!! Definitely wear a MASK!

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