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2014-12-09 05:43:58

did i over explain a mtg mechanic when someone asked me a seemingly simple question? well, let me ask you, do i play magic??

in all seriousness do not teach your animals to do this THEY WILL NEVER STOP they will literally ring the bell forever

Pumpkin cats ringing a bell for food 🎃

Pumpkin cats ringing a bell for food 🎃

i was laying on my bed and my cat walked up to me and i was like awwww and then he coughed up a hair ball about two inches from my face i am now changing my sheets for the second time in 24hrs bc my cat thinks where i sleep is a good place to scoot his ass & cough up hairballs

i keep trying to think of a way to express how happy i am to see two women i have heaps of respect for cracking mtg packs right now, but i'm legit just... too excited lmao also it's  @あかね's birthday so please say happy birthday! 🥳 and subscribe to both their onlyfans!!!

all memes die, which is now somewhat of a relief

i rlly cannot believe a grown adult was like yeah i'll go by dr witnesser and tell children they are going to go to hell while i play fortnite on twitch

i was already dealing with a lot in life (didn't share bc there were and are bigger issues) but now there's been a break in where i live literally every week for the last month. like, literally next door. my nerves are shot 🥴

i am glad to see so many ppl are finally realizing the two political parties are just two sides of the same coin and the coin is made of cake

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