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2007-03-29 13:15:41

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman fought valiantly overseas, but he has forced America to reckon with questions a lot closer to home, says  @Jeff McCausland . His is a military leadership case study that will be taught for years:

A former reporter has dedicated 8 years to doing what federal agencies have not done: meticulously tracking every known law enforcement officer-involved killing in the US. Entries include both headline-making cases and thousands of lesser-known deaths.

AG Barr discussed clemency for Roger Stone with President Trump and recommended against it, an admin. official tells  @NBC News. The official said the Justice Dept. had nothing to do with Trump’s decision to commute Stone’s sentence.

@Maddow Blog: Inspector General report puts "Sharpiegate" in a new, relevant, unflattering light

Disney World parks in Florida reopened Saturday nearly 4 months after they shutdown due to the pandemic. Florida reported 11,433 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, and 435 more hospitalizations — the state's largest single-day increase in hospitalizations.

"Donald Trump is not an aberration in the broad sweep of American history,"  @Jon Meacham says. "He is the fullest manifestation of forces that we have to do everything we can to make aberrant. He is very much in the Wallace tradition."

@Rachel Maddow MSNBC: "If you are this president, there are really three prosecutors offices you had to worry about: DC, SDNY, EDNY. Now, in short order, Bill Barr has decapitated them all."

The US saw another record day for new coronavirus cases Friday, surpassing 70,000 for the first time, according to an  @NBC News tally.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms discusses how she is feeling after testing positive for coronavirus and how her test results took 8 days to get back to her.

"If you lie for the president, if you cover up for the president, if you withhold information that could incriminate the president, he will protect you. He will make sure that unlike other people, you don't have to go to jail," Rep. Schiff says.

“I, for one, am not leaving him in charge of whether my kid goes back to school,"  @Nicolle Wallace says after President Trump threatens to “cut off” funding if schools do not reopen this fall. "It’s an unbelievable new turn for him.”

"It's one more piece of the obstruction of justice puzzle,"  @Cynthia Alksne says about President Trump commuting Roger Stone's sentence. "This is a guy who is bragging that he didn't tell the truth ... what he wanted in return was not to go to jail."

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: “We opened a government here in Texas too quickly. It was May 1. We had not followed the CDC guidelines.” “We have people dying every day.”

Dr. Aileen Marty says her hospitals have treated patients for COVID-19 who are "asymptomatic as far as they can tell, but when we do chest x-rays on these people, 67% show lung damage." "They may feel great, but they’re not great."

The U.S. sets a new COVID record: 70,000 new infections in 1 day. Despite leading the world in cases, Trump has officially withdrawn from the World Health Organization over what he calls Chinese “malfeasance.”  @Council on Foreign Relations global health dir.  @Tom Bollyky joins me 9aET.  #velshi

“This month, we will pass over 1,000 health care workers in this country have died from this virus,” Dr. Michael Osterholm says of COVID-19. “Many of them were acquired at work.”

@Chris Hayes on the GOP: “This party is intellectually bankrupt, and it’s entirely unable to meet the moment … It is so corroded ... It will revolt against one of its own members when they do something right to fight the plague to save lives."

@Malcolm Nance: "This is order of magnitude beyond nutty. Michael Flynn is over the edge."

Julian Castro remembers his stepmother Alice: “She passed away from COVID-19 by herself, alone, without my father, without her family ... My father himself has COVID-19, so he’s not able to be around other people as he grieves the loss of his wife"

@Steve Schmidt on Senators Hawley and Cruz: “Not only are they demagogues and silly people, they’re just empty vessels. They’re the type of soulless men and women we see in this terrible age that care nothing for the ideas and ideals of this country.”

“You have a guy who in reaction to the left wing goes and takes a test on his own mental state, yet we can’t get him to pick up the phone and deal with things like safety in schools around COVID,”  @Reverend Al Sharpton says of President Trump.

“We’re hanging in there, and we’re fighting tooth and nail for every single piece of PPE we need because we do not have adequate amounts, sufficient amounts of PPE to care for our patients safely,” the Exec. Director of National Nurses United says.

@John Heilemann says the governors of Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Florida “decided to follow the Trump playbook” on reopening amid the coronavirus pandemic, “and all 4 of those states are now on fire with COVID-19.”

Tony Schwartz, the co-author of "The Art of The Deal," discusses the new tell-all book by President Trump’s niece. "I see this as one more tipping point in the descent of Donald Trump and I do think it will have a big impact."

As coronavirus cases surge in Texas, Austin Mayor Steve Adler says, “We’re just on the edge and we are in danger of overwhelming our ICUs.”

Joe Biden: "It’s time corporate America pay their fair share of taxes ... and the days of Amazon paying nothing in federal income tax will be over."

Fmr. Defense Sec. Panetta: "The most important crisis we have is a leadership crisis." "We don't have a president that understands how to develop a strategy to help states ... help people deal with the problems involved with this dangerous pandemic."

@Neal Katyal on US Supreme Court that New York prosecutors can get Pres. Trump's tax returns: "I think it's totally possible for all of this to come out before the 2020 election in terms of New York prosecutors getting this information and acting on it."

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