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2011-04-26 20:11:22

So far pretty much everything about Brexit is happening exactly as predicted by remainers back in 2016. Nothing predicted by Brexiters has come true at all.

Absolutely awful news from Beirut. A city that has suffered and endured too much already.

The President Of The United States is officially under criminal investigation for bank and insurance fraud. Let that sink in.

Many of those who called it  #ProjectFear won’t care about any of this. But one day millions of voters will have to come to terms with the fact that they were comprehensively grifted and wrecked their own country for nothing. What an absolutely shameful tragedy.

Chapter x in The Rise and Fall of Brexitannia: In which the grubbiest of governments reneges on an agreement it has already signed despite promising an ‘oven ready deal’, and blames its negotiating partners for its mendacity while still believing it has a shred of credibility.

Not surprised to read in the Mirror that the local association of the ‘anonymous’  #ToryRapist totally supports him. The Tory Party is like the GOP now, completely oblivious to even the most brazen sleaze and corruption. We won’t become a better country till we understand this.

 #TorySleaze doesn’t do justice to the corruption & impunity of Johnson and his cronies. This isn’t Major’s 90s: it’s a radical Brexit government that has abandoned any pretence of decency & morality and no longer feels obliged to pay even lip service to democratic norms.

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