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2013-05-26 17:27:53

Justice Ruth, 87 yrs old has been on & off the bench 4 over a year with illnesses & injuries. Now she has liver cancer, it's time 4 her to remove herself from the bench. 📢What say you Patriots?  @Donald J. Trump  @GOP  @The White House  @Rep. Jim Jordan  @Rep. Matt Gaetz

 #VoterID2020  #ObamaGateIsReal  #VoteRedToSaveAmerica If you can go to the store, you can get out and vote!

NYC Health Commissioner to De Blasio: Your COVID Response Sucks, So I'm Outta Here.

MSNBC Producer Quits Because It’s Liberal Fake News: “We are a Cancer and There is No Cure”

 @Donald J. Trump  @The Wall Street Journal The Tides are turning..... America is not stupid....They see what the Democrats are doing by encouraging this Mass Violence in their Cities Americans want their families to be safe Joe Biden has promised to Defund Our Police and add more Chaos and Violence to our Streets

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL “Trump Wins in Portland” “Something big has changed in Portland, Ore. After weeks of chaos and flames outside the city’s federal courthouse, the past few days have seen the violence subside dramatically. What happened?” William McGurn  @The Wall Street Journal

 @Donald J. Trump  @The Wall Street Journal Democrats are the Party of Fascism

Joe Biden’s tax plan would be disastrous for American workers. His MASSIVE tax hikes would: 👎shrink our GDP 👎kill 500,000 jobs 👎reduce after-tax income by ~2.6% across ALL income groups And these tax increases won't come CLOSE to paying for his big-gov't spending proposals.

Keeping Charlie's legacy alive. - TeamCDB/BW Pray for the blue.

If you'd take hydroxychloroquine if prescribed to you, give me a retweet... I follow back 🇺🇸

Are you kidding me? Democrat Sen Coons just really asked if peaceful protestors were different than prison protests. Who elects these people? Unreal.

I'm voting for Trump because I'm not batshit crazy.

Who else hopes Rashida Tlabib LOSES horribly today on the ballot?

NHL CAVES: Hockey Players Take a Knee During US and Canadian National Anthems

How do you know if you’re on the right side of history? It’s the side that doesn’t support arson, looting, riots, erasing history, race baiting, taking away your rights, and stifling your freedom of speech.

Starting my day by driving to a wife’s home to register her husband to vote. By the end of today, I’ll have registered 9 voters in-person in 7 days.  #TuesdayThoughts

The head of the Revolutionary Communist Party has just endorsed Joe Biden. You can’t make this up.

Minnesota withheld the full  #GeorgeFloyd body cam footage for one reason and one reason only: they knew it would immediately dispel the race narrative and they wanted to assist the Democrats in dividing Americans in an election year. Absolutely appalling. BLACK LIES MATTER.

FLASHBACK: Democratic activist and BLM organizer, Charles Wade, was arrested and charged with HUMAN TRAFFICKING and underage prostitution... MEDIA SILENT...

A lot of Patriots don’t follow back! 😲 wth?!? I want to follow Patriots that follow me back! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

On Monday alone,  @Donald J. Trump answered 17 questions from reporters. Joe Biden answered NO questions yesterday and has not answered a single question since July 28. When will Joe stop dodging serious interviews & tough questions? The entire country sees through this sham...

JUST IN: New York City’s health commissioner resigned after clashing with Mayor Bill de Blasio over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak Trouble in Paradise....😆

40 Million Unemployed in America and Congress and the Senate is going on a month long vacation...

I guess it's Obama's birthday. Well, he does have his own emoji. 💩💩💩💩

One thing this pandemic has taught us is if America is ever attacked by actual invaders, Democrats will join the enemy.

People are not happy that players are not standing for our National Anthem!

Joe Biden is too scared to appear on Tucker Carlson.

Why did America stay open when Obama let 60 million people catch H1N1? 🤔

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