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2019-07-16 22:43:33

Experts say that 26 million Americans participated in the Black Lives Matter protests, which could make them the largest in history. Experts say these 26 million Americans who flouted social distancing did not increase the spread of COVID-19.

The State of Virginia called the American flag a "safety issue" and "target" for rioters.

Silicon Valley students will be required to wear masks throughout the day while observing social distancing. Band, choir, cheerleading, and sports are all cancelled. Teachers say at this point the county should pursue "distance learning."

CPS: You tested positive for coronavirus, I'm taking your kids away. Also CPS: There's no proof black kids being beat by their parents is a bad thing, necessarily.

President  @Donald J. Trump vindicated on Hydroxychloroquine. VICTORY! When will the anti-treatment political class stooges be charged with the manslaughter of Americans whose suffering they enabled?

Russian President Vladimir Putin joked that embassy officials' decision to display an LGBT rainbow pride flag shows "a certain something about the people who work there."

While Americans debate abolishing the police, the people in Hong Kong protesting for their right to disagree with the government are facing what  #BLM calls "chemical weapons." Our enemies are laughing at us, and they should be.

The indictment against Ghislaine Maxwell alleges that she also engaged in the sexual abuse of children alongside Epstein, including unsolicited nude massages, and group massages with Epstein  @National File

The indictment against Ghislaine Maxwell reveals she is accused not only of facilitating Epstein's abuse of young girls, but that she actively participated in the abuse.

Jeffrey Epstein's alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested by the FBI.

Newly leaked videos reveal that asymptomatic "probable cases" of COVID-19 are now counted toward the total number of cases in a large Texas county.

President Trump reportedly regrets taking his son-in-law's political advice after Tucker Carlson's sharp criticism.

The world is down a country today, as the Seattle Police launched a full scale invasion into CHOP, crippling the autonomous zone within minutes. 13 were taken into custody, and are ostensibly awaiting trial for war crimes.

Police say the man killed at a  #BLM protest in Louisville, Kentucky was killed by a fellow protester who had a dispute with someone at the protest and returned with a gun.

Chicago recently canceled its LGBTQ Pride March and its 4th of July fireworks display. The LGBTQ Pride March quickly rebranded as a "protest" to elevate black trans lives. The fireworks display remains canceled.

Black Lives Matter protesters mobbed then shot at a vehicle that refused to stop.

Twitch banned both Dr Disrespect and President Trump soon after appointing a trans deergirl backed by the ADL.

The man who went viral after defending his home with a rifle revealed that protesters threatened their lives as they illegally entered the private community.

Biden says he will hold no more campaign rallies due to COVID-19.

WATCH: Arizona state Senator addresses the plague of lost children in the state CPS system. Stunning video by a major politician!

YouTube has banned  @Stefan Molyneux, MA, the host of the platform's largest philosophy channel.

Parler, which describes itself as a β€œfree speech social network,” has reportedly began banning America First conservatives and Democrats, despite their supposed anti-censorship mission statement.  @National File

Parler is reportedly banning America First conservatives and Democrats from the platform.

Look at me, I'm a criminal now! BREAKING: Kansas Governor Mandates Masks in Public, Says 'Only Defense' Until Vaccine Developed

The couple who went viral after defending their property with a handgun and rifle have released a statement maintaining the legality of their actions.

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