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2010-12-02 16:48:11

The  @NEANHPrez is on board with  @NH Democratic Party in calling for state to override local control of schools. Is this because they know when Labor Day rolls around, parents expect teachers to be back in local classrooms?

“Today  @Chris Sununu failed the students and hard-working staff at New Hampshire schools. Let me be clear—flexibility is not a plan." -- Chair of the House Education Committee Mel Myler (D-Hopkinton), calling for Sununu to override local control of schools.

As  @Andru Volinsky and  @Dan Feltes attack  @Chris Sununu's back-to-school guidelines for not issuing state mandates to school districts, will "local control of schools" become a campaign issue?  @NH Democratic Party  @NHGOP  #nhgov

From  @Dan Feltes comms director. It's an interesting take on local control of school. Is it time for the state to take over local school systems?

@Chris Sununu is putting teachers and students at risk by not requiring masks. This is going to create a political battle in school boards all across the state. He’s failing to lead on a crucial issue.  #nhpolitics

Let’s call Sununu’s “plan” for what it really is - the state abandoning its responsibility to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of students and teachers.  #nhpolitics

Disappointed but unsurprised. Sununu's school reopening "plan" another blow to students and educators from Sununu-Edelblut-DeVos agenda.  #nhpolitics

New York Times: Internal CDC documents warn full reopening of schools is 'highest risk' for coronavirus spread https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/11/politics/cdc-documents-warn-high-risk-schools-reopening/index.html  #nhpolitics

This entire  @Chris Sununu back-to-school proposal means nothing unless  @NEANHPrez and  @NEANH Lobbyist are on board. If teachers won't return to classrooms, the state can't make them. It's the local contract.

.@GovChrisSununu says the state is building a two month stockpile of PPE. The Governor says NH goes through 2-2.3M masks per month. #COVID19 #WMUR

@Chris Sununu says the state is building a two month stockpile of PPE. The Governor says NH goes through 2-2.3M masks per month.  #COVID19  #WMUR

At his  #COVID19 presser today,  @Chris Sununu embraces the "John Podhoretz" plan: Let teachers stay home and teach on Zoom, while kids are in class (with an adult) doing the learning.  @Noah Rothman  @Commentary Magazine



"These schools are going to be safe. These protocols were designed with student safety in mind. Flexibility gives us the assurance that schools can open safely." --  @Chris Sununu on his back-to-school plan.

Don't want your kids in class?  @Chris Sununu says they don't have to go. Guidance calls for local school "plans for how a school can provide in-person education as well remote-learning options for those who choose not to return to school for health or safety reasons."

"According to the AFT, taxpayers need to pony up an additional $2,300 per pupil to open schools this fall. In NH, with about 180,000 K-12 public school kids, that equals $414,000,000 in new spending — on top of the billions being spent already."  @NH Democratic Party  @NHGOP  @NEANHPrez

OPINION: Teachers Unions Have Found A Substance That Kills COVID-19 in the Classroom: Cash https://www.insidesources.com/opinion-teachers-unions-have-found-a-substance-that-kills-covid-19-in-...

Is daily testing possible for every student on every school day? From  @Chris Sununu back-to-school plan: "Robust daily screening process for staff, students and visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 or risk factors for exposure prior to entering the educational facility."

THREAD: Today we're announcing guidance to safely reopen schools this fall. Designed by the School Transition Reopening and Redesign Taskforce, and approved by public health experts, this guidance provides districts with the flexibility to safely reopen according to their needs.

"Masks are not mandated for students when seated in the classroom, but are recommended in circumstances when physical distancing cannot be maintained." --  @Chris Sununu's guidance to schools for reopening.

Why is  @Chris Sununu doing this extended recap of NH  #COVID19 performance, when everyone's tuned in for back-to-school plan? Because he's a smart politician who knows a lot of parents (aka "voters") who've never watched a presser are tuned in.

New employment stats by industry, per @GovChrisSununu #WMUR #COVID19

New employment stats by industry, per  @Chris Sununu  #WMUR  #COVID19

The unemployment number has fallen by about a third in New Hampshire since the  #COVID19 peak,  @Chris Sununu reports, falling faster than the national average.

At  #COVID19 presser, state epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan says NH "has brought our outbreaks under control." Only 23 new positive tests, two new hospitalizations one fatality (LTCF resident) to report today. (74 hospitalizations previously not reported also announced today)

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