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Andersonville, Chicago

2010-04-13 00:05:55

@NewsForLeft Sam (Tuxie) and Frodo (Ginger)

 @🎙RΞVOLUŦION MΔCINNΞS 🆘 Sam (Tuxie) and Frodo (Ginger)

@NewsForLeft Dini (short for Houdini)

 @🎙RΞVOLUŦION MΔCINNΞS 🆘 Dini (short for Houdini)

I’m tired, scared, and yearning for hope.

 @🎙RΞVOLUŦION MΔCINNΞS 🆘 Whelp. I am wishing a certain narcissistic someone might contract COVID-19. You?

@NewsForLeft Cass, Maine Coon—then, a kitten.

 @🎙RΞVOLUŦION MΔCINNΞS 🆘 Cass, Maine Coon—then, a kitten.

Post your fur babies... 2

Post your fur babies...

We are all thinking it. Wishing it would happen.

 @🎙RΞVOLUŦION MΔCINNΞS 🆘 Rev....two things keep flashing thru my mind:  #Eugenics  #TrumpGenocide I believe his father was Very Deeply involved in  #Eugenics

He is killing thousands not because of his stupidity, but because he is a fvcking monster.

The President of the United States is mentally ill.

If you can sacrifice one person to end the Coronavirus right now, who would it be and why Devin Nunes?

Woke up from a nightmare in which I flew to a foreign country and things went terribly wrong. But at least my brain knew immediately it was a nightmare because I'm actually trapped in my house from a plague in a country run by a sadistic kleptocrat and his apocalyptic death cult.

If  @MSNBC and  @CNN continue to cover this, including Trump’s possibly deadly medical advice, they can never criticize Fox for disseminating misinformation. This is just as bad.

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