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Book out now called "Politics is Murder" on @headlinepg about a female serial killer in Westminster.


2012-07-10 10:13:01

I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked  @Kamala Harris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants — as my running mate.

NEW VIDEO: I went to Putney in South West London to ask locals about Labour, Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer. Putney was the only seat Labour managed to gain at the last general election. I got mixed responses!

What is happening in Minsk is not “another Maidan” and Belarus is not Ukraine. It takes a lot more courage for Belarusians to be out in the streets protesting a rigged election. (Thread 1/4)

My latest for the  @Coffee House - why Starmer needs to be careful on school reopenings as Johnson plans his next move:

"In hindsight was Britain right/wrong to vote to leave EU?" Right 39% (-2) Wrong 49% (+2) Don't know 12% (-1) Remainers 90% "wrong", Leavers 79% "right" Labour 82% "wrong", Conservatives 76% "right" YouGov Aug 4-5 2020

Starmer is falling into Boris’s trap on school reopenings, says Nick Tyrone

Confirmed. Lebanese govt has resigned. Remaining ministers will be a “caretaker” administration until a new government can be formed.

Wouldn't the Tories somehow managing to overturn the Withdrawal Agreement with the EU amount to a breaking of a key manifesto commitment, not to mention a reversal of what the whole winning election campaign was fought on?

Solidarity with those who dream of a free Belarus.

What happened in the seven seats that make up the mythical 2,227 votes that "denied" us Corbyn as PM in 2017? The Tories held all of them in 2019. The Tory majority increased in each. That 2,227 became 35,588 in an election where the entire Labour machine was Corbyn controlled.

Starmer’s “under new management” line was a zinger but it’s being undermined day after day by an ex leader & his cronies determined to stay in the news cycle. Only way it stops is if Starmer makes it stop. Corbyn will keep damaging Labour.

I think we’ve found it. The dumbest tweet of all time

I think we’ve found it. The dumbest tweet of all time

I’m surprised at all the shock and surprise this piece has been causing. This idea has been knocking around the Lilicoian fringes of the Brexitsphere for years. It makes no sense, but it’s not at all new.

Jeremy Corbyn’s complaint of “sabotage” confirms he was unfit for office. My Sunday article for  @The Independent

 @Ravin Anenden  @Manick Govinda  @Dr Rakib Ehsan  @Ralph Leonard Apologies for a slow response – I’m still under the threat of deadlines. Apologies, too, for a twitter thread that’s more like a mini-essay. Twitter, unfortunately, is not best platform for discussing issues such as this. 1/

Are the Lib Dems finished? A  @Coffee House podcast with  @Katy Balls  @Gus Carter and me discussing this topic:

You can only be pure about one thing at a time, if you want to win, writes Nick Tyrone

Brexit reminds me of something said of Donald Trump. If either Brexit or Trump were only half as bad as they are, everyone would see the badness and recoil. But because Brexit is so much worse than that, there is a disconnect with about half the population, just like with Trump.

The left : they allocated funds away from winnable seats in 2017! We would have won. The left : hahaha let's divert funds and activists towards non winnable seats to spite MP's that left us because they were subjected to abhorrent racists.

My latest for the  @Coffee House - why have the SNP managed to thrive in an era that has otherwise been harsh to parties outside the big two? I believe it comes down to one factor:

For an all round good guy, he doesn’t go in for self-reflection, humility and dignified silences much. Jeremy Corbyn accuses Labour officials of sabotaging election campaign | Jeremy Corbyn | The Guardian

Only found out today than Belarusian government stanning is in fact a thing, based on the fact that it is apparently "socialist". Anything really is possible.

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