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2019-12-06 04:14:12

You’ve heard of breakfast for dinner but have you heard of DINNER for breakfast??? I just did it and let me tell you it is sad

Primary sources of conflict: The Force Awakens: Finding a map that leads to an OT character. The Last Jedi: Characters facing their darkest fears, confronting difficult truths & finding hope in the darkness. The Rise of Skywalker: Finding a map that leads to an OT character.

The fact that they didn't have Rey make a double-ended yellow lightsaber out of her staff that she's had with her all along, p livid tbh

I don't want to be told I'm a "hero" for being a cashier. That's kind of ridiculous. I just want $20 hour. Please stop calling me a hero and instead call your representatives and tell them we need $20 an hour.


 @DANIEL TFA: Luke felt responsible for Ben so he exiled himself TLJ: Heres why TFA: belonging isn't behind you, it's ahead TLJ: parental figures won't give you identity, forge your own TFA: The Force chose Rey TLJ: thats cuz it's not a power you have, it's the connection in all things

3️⃣ When you ignore expert advice and act like an idiot, you cover everyone else with decaying whale blubber.  #StayHome and stop being selfish. 🧨 🐳

2️⃣ Sometimes, it’s better to just sit at home and do nothing than go outside and do something ridiculous. Let nature take its course.

1️⃣ DON’T IGNORE THE ADVICE THAT EXPERTS GIVE YOU. They know what they’re talking about.

Their instagram @ naturallytemi lola.akw tolaniav sopharush daynabolden

Black love family edition. 🖤🥰 #dontrushchallenge

Black love family edition. 🖤🥰  #dontrushchallenge

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