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2019-06-19 15:38:49

Thank you for the honor, Mr. President.

Congressman Scott Perry ( @Patriots for Perry) is an incredible fighter for Pennsylvania! He served our country as an Army General and now he fights for our Seniors, Vets, Military, and the Second Amendment. Scott has my Complete and Total Endorsement!  #PA10

Must Watch:  Dems get caught again wanting dirt from ignores

Must Watch: Dems get caught again wanting dirt from ignores

A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish

Be wary of the Washington Post and the New York Times reporting on what is coming up with [Inspector General] Horowitz. They have been trying overtime to spin this thing to diminish its effect, to downplay it.

We will never forget

We will never forget

On Feb 2nd, 2019 the U.S. gave Russia six months to return to compliance with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Russia refused, so the treaty ends today. The U.S. will not remain party to a treaty when others violate it. Russia bears sole responsibility.

Climate activist celebrities arrive at 'Google Camp' by yachts, helicopters, and private jets

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