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2020-03-24 19:30:34

Kudos to the General Motors-Ventec ventilator effort in Kokomo and the importance of President Trump's use of the Defense Production Act. This week  @General Motors hit the 20,000 production mark -- saving American lives and jobs!

It 10 a.m. Does the Chinese Communist Party know where your children are? This segment is really about how China uses social media aps to invade your privacy and threaten national security -- the headline notwithstanding.

China aps can send personal info/data back to servers owned or controlled by Chinese Communist Party/China military. HUGE personal risk/national security threat.

Hydroxy the key to defeating the Chinese Communist Party virus.  #CCPLiedPeopleDied Harvey Risch plays Gulliver to the Lilliputians in the media.

New Zealand is now pulling together with other small and medium states to provide mutual economic, political, and strategic support to mitigate the China risk.

New study claims Hydroxychloroquine reduces symptom duration by 4.5 days versus 2.6 days for Remdesavir relative to control. Hydroxy costs $11 for treatment course versus $3,000 for Big Pharma'$ Remdes.... How do you like them apples?

Will the FDA notice this new Italian study that shows a massive reduction in risk of death for a hydroxychloroquine vs. control group? More grist for  @ScottAdams "CNN might be killing thousands" mill.

Sen. Sullivan: Communist China, through unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft, market manipulation and…non-reciprocal treatment… undercuts the resiliency and strength of the U.S. economy.  @President Trump first POTUS tough on China!

Bringing drug manufacture back to America (and New York): Another Trump triumph

“This is not about China or India or any one country, It’s about America losing its pharmaceutical supply chains to the sweat shops, pollution havens, and tax havens around the world that cheat America out of its pharmaceutical independence.”

Pres. Trump  @President Trump developing China Virus vaccine in half the time by upending traditional paradigm. Moving from sequential, staged development to simultaneous development to ensure 100s of millions of doses ON TIME.

President Trump's  @President Trump awesome Defense Production Act hard at work creating steel jobs to defend America.  @ArcelorMittal

Long form history of how the CCP lied and Americans are dying with America's Mayor.  @Rudy W. Giuliani Read it and reap. #ChinaLiedPeopleDied  #ccpliedAmericansdied

Moving in Trump Time to save American lives and create jobs in North Carolina.

Jobs, jobs, jobs for Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Defense, defense, defense for America. All due to  @President Trump vision of economic security is national security.  @General Dynamics Corporation the tip of the spear.

The inside scoop on how  @President Trump used the Defense Production Act to transform America into the world's "ventilator king" of exports.  @General Motors

More bad science from NEJM. "Brazil study" focuses on LATE TREATMENT HCQ use where medicine doomed to yield no positive effects. Average time to get medicine appears 7 days. WAY too late. Fake news will pimp -- don't buy the spin.

Imagine a world in which the Chinese Communist Party corners the vaccine market for a deadly virus it has infected American with. Now imagine the CCP corners that vaccine market by stealing from America. Will CNN/MSNBC provide tough coverage?

REQUIRED READING: Another pandemic or biowarfare attack disguised as viral contagion, could paralyze U.S. economically and militarily. Reducing American dependence on China-sourced pharmaceuticals and health-care products should therefore be a PRIORITY.

WSJ's  @Allysia Finley in vanguard of journalists understanding the high stakes involved in allowing access to hydroxychloroquine.

CCP has used Hong Kong as tip of mercantilist spear to suck jobs out of America.  @President Trump action, action, action coming soon on Hong Kong Autonomy Act, ending preferential treatment of Hong Kong, punishing those responsible for crushing HK.

Biden's 1988 Trifecta of JFK, RFK, Kinnoch plagiarism meets Biden 2020 theft of  @President Trump Buy American. If Biden comes  @The White House on Buy American, Defense Production Act, or any POLICIES my office involved in, Biden the plagiarist is FAIR TV GAME.

A flip-flopping Amazon succumbs to Chinese Communist Party pressure? Sure wish Amazon would stop flooding America with Chinese counterfeits.

Poll-driven plagiarist Joe Biden "stealing pages right out of President Trump's Buy American playbook."  @Heather Zumarraga right on.

Joe Biden's #BuyAmerican: "Shareholders vs. Stakeholders" @TeamCavuto @MiamiNewsNetTV #FoxNews #Keynesians

Joe Biden's  #BuyAmerican: "Shareholders vs. Stakeholders"  @Neil Cavuto  @Miami News Net  #FoxNews  #Keynesians

At a time when the virus is surging in many parts of the country, there are 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine in the Strategic National Stockpile that can’t be distributed unless the FDA issues an emergency authorization.

At a time when the virus is surging in many parts of the country, there are 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine in the Strategic National Stockpile that can’t be distributed unless the FDA issues an emergency authorization.

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