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2008-04-09 21:29:51

"We are in a place of privilege to have the means and resources to leave Lebanon — whether we left ourselves or it was our parents and grandparents before us. That’s not the case for many people in Lebanon,"  @Danny Hajjar داني حجار 🇱🇧 writes in an op-ed. https://wapo.st/2DJGK7G

Science and technology are revealing new ways to bring great powers into direct conflict: robotic weapons, hypersonic missiles, space-based satellite killers, laser guns, cyberweapons. At the same time, the Bomb is proliferating,  @David Von Drehle writes https://wapo.st/33sHTv3

"These are momentous days for Belarus," the Editorial Board writes. "A new generation is on the rise." https://wapo.st/2DC3aYi

"Don’t be surprised if in the next few days you start seeing tweets from the president claiming that drop boxes are a far-left Soros antifa Chinese plot to steal the election,"  @Paul Waldman writes. https://wapo.st/3gB1soK

Two cheers for the July jobs report — but just two,  @Catherine Rampell writes https://wapo.st/2DtTrDG

‘Black Is King’ is built on problematic narratives,  @Karen Attiah writes. Still, its power is undeniable. https://wapo.st/30DZBKl

Want a democracy? Stop making voting hard,  @Jennifer Rubin writes. https://wapo.st/31ncxmI

The Trump fiasco just got worse,  @Greg Sargent writes. That gives Biden a hidden opening. https://wapo.st/33DGH8i

When it comes to the Internet, Trump prefers the Chinese model,  @Fareed Zakaria writes. https://wapo.st/3aadnaI

Trump’s desperate attacks are revealing the scam Republicans have been pulling for years,  @Jennifer Rubin writes https://wapo.st/2C7QkR7

Why Biden’s VP pick is different from any other, according to  @David Greenberg in  @PostEverything https://wapo.st/2C5vj9G

Voting by mail can work, but not until we fix some things,  @Suraj Patel #CountEveryVote writes in an op-ed. https://wapo.st/30EnPnP

The  #resistance wants Trump banned from Twitter. It would hurt their cause,  @(((Yair Rosenberg))) of  @Tablet Magazine writes in  @PostEverything https://wapo.st/3ijgcco

"Azar’s trip — though symbolic — shows that the Trump administration is not willing to go down the appeasement route,"  @Henry Olsen writes. "This is a fraught strategy and the stakes are high." https://wapo.st/33xIeMT

Pence thinks ‘life is winning in America,’  @Ann Telnaes draws https://wapo.st/2Dscuye

From  @Michael Gerson: Covid-19 threatens to overwhelm the developing world https://wapo.st/3i9z3X4

From  @James Kirchick: You wouldn’t know it from the coverage, but most Germans are fine with Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops https://wapo.st/2XBKbnR

The overwhelming evidence in Trump's impeachment was the kind any police detective would love in a case, writes  @Rep. Val Demings. "But Republican members of the Senate, one excluded, decided that a crime to their party’s benefit was no crime at all." https://wapo.st/2DGbgPr

The Great American Outdoors Act is a historic victory, but presidential conservation legacies are not defined by individual bills, writes  @Collin O'Mara https://wapo.st/30wdLx5

Douglas Macgregor is the last person you would choose to pour oil on these troubled waters, writes  @Max Boot. "He would be more likely to set fire to the oil and revel in the flames." https://wapo.st/2Pv1rqt

How do we handle 5 million covid-19 cases in the U.S.? Talk about Hillary’s emails! Dana  @Dana Milbank has the latest: https://wapo.st/2DnVKrS

Suppose there’s no vaccine in two or four years, the Editorial Board writes. What would we wish we had done today? https://wapo.st/2PyHheZ

This is not just a story about one conservative state. It contains an important lesson for Democrats,  @Paul Waldman writes https://wapo.st/39XroIs

"This explosion, which has already claimed at least 100 lives and injured thousands more, shook Lebanon to its core," writes  @Luna Safwan - لونا صفوان https://wapo.st/39X4LnI

Missouri this week became the sixth state since 2017 — and the fifth red state — where voters took the decision on the expansion of health coverage out of the hands of recalcitrant conservative politicians,  @EJ Dionne writes https://wapo.st/3ig9y6H

The virtue she wore as a medallion has become the millstone around her neck, writes  @Kevin T. Porter https://wapo.st/2Dh6j01

The Supreme Court invented qualified immunity. Now, a judge’s blistering opinion shows why it must go, writes  @Ruth Marcus https://wapo.st/2PqzlMP

If it's good for Florida, it should be good for the rest of the country, writes  @Jennifer Rubin https://wapo.st/33w5XNJ

Republicans of all stripes need to sit up and take note of the vote to expand Medicaid in Missouri, writes  @Henry Olsen https://wapo.st/33vigd9

American hospitals are still segregated. That’s killing people of color, writes  @Paul Glastris and  @Phillip Longman in  @PostEverything https://wapo.st/31q5iKK

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