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2020-06-22 19:41:07

Thank you @RandPaul for this incredible information.

The facts & data are excellent.

Many people forget that Rand Paul is a doctor.

His voice should be amplified, as he has the right idea.

Thank you  @Senator Rand Paul for this incredible information. The facts & data are excellent. Many people forget that Rand Paul is a doctor. His voice should be amplified, as he has the right idea.

Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr. Don’t know that name? That’s the 19 year old shot and murdered while the Seattle Mayor allowed terrorists to run her city BLM inc. is silent. A young black man is dead because of BLM inc. RT to start the arrests!

The Silent Majority needs to start being loud.

.@benshapiro hits the nail on the head.

@Ben Shapiro hits the nail on the head.

Joe Biden wants to end President Trump’s historic tax cuts. I wonder how many Twitter patriots are against this? RT if you think his plans are dangerous for America’s future!

If the masks work, why the 6 feet? If the 6 feet works, why the masks? If both work, why are we canceling events, closing restaurants and starting to lock down again?

Craziest stat I’ve seen on education; 74% of Americans 65 and older can pass the U.S. Citizenship Test. Only 19% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45 can pass (despite having the most formal education). What has happened to American education???!!!

Either mass gatherings are advisable during a pandemic, or they aren’t. The timing of the enormous protests that broke out across the US one month ago perfectly correlates with this current spike in cases. No, it’s not the only factor. But we are being “gaslit” about its impacts

Herd Immunity To COVID-19 May Be Closer Than We Think, New Studies Say | The Daily Wire

@Donald J. Trump, I am asking you on behalf of the American people to please STOP the lockdown due to COVID-19. Governors are starting this again based on faulty data. America is DYING because of this. Please, use your power to STOP this! We cannot go through this again!

I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I operate in terms of facts & science. As a doctor, my message is simple: END THE LOCKDOWNS! The mainstream media will not carry this, so I’m relying on social media. Follow me & RETWEET this message! The President needs to hear us!

I wonder why the issue of racial inequality wasn’t fixed when we had a black president for 8 years?

Americans are being played by their own politicians, ignorant medical ‘experts’ and government agencies.  Who needs enemies when your own government is this corrupt?

Social Distance removes affection Masks removes happiness Stay at home, removes unity Waiting in lines removes free will Mandatory testing removes liberty MSM removes truth Censorship removes opinion Notice a pattern Its about control over you

All of this Crap that is happening is because we have a man in the White House that wants to do something for the American people, instead of for the corrupt Government.

@KayeMil05828584 @martingeddes 💯 correct. This is how you condition social behavior. 4

 @Kaye Miller  @Martin Geddes 💯 correct. This is how you condition social behavior.

@repmattdean FYI

 @Matt Dean FYI

 @Matt Dean The numbers in Minnesota have been improving for weeks. Why do a mask mandate now instead of 2 months ago? This is like turning back dials when things are getting better.



Did you know: Seven elected Democrats have been charged or pled guilty to charges of corruption or fraud in the past week alone That's an average of ONE PER DAY! Charges include: —Voter Fraud —Wire Fraud —Bribery The Democrat Party is a lawless party. RT!

Black Lives Matter is a money laundering operation for the Democrat party.

Everything you see going on right now is about the 2020 election. Everything.

The More You Know....this is right off CDC website

 @WCCO - CBS Minnesota Then wearing masks to vote at a polling station should be no problem


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