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2009-05-08 15:03:39

Aart fair report | While Fog Design+Art and Untitled continue to draw established dealers, younger galleries opt out due to concerns over the wider cultural economy  @FOG Design+Art  @UNTITLED, ART

Dos Santos—the richest woman in Africa—and her husband Sindika Dokolo own around 3,000 works by artists including William Kentridge and Zanele Muholi  #LuandaLeaks

We look at the newly attributed work, which is quite unlike Van Gogh’s other 35 self-portraits and reveals an intriguing insight into his mutilated ear

We look at the newly attributed work, which is quite unlike Van Gogh’s other 35 self-portraits and reveals an intriguing insight into his mutilated ear

The paintings, including works by Holbein and Hals, were smuggled across the Iron Curtain in the 1980s and recovered in a secret operation last year

Recently rediscovered 18th-century work by artist Joseph Wright of Derby was bought by the  @Getty in March last year

Top five this week | Collapse of Bulmer theft case is just the latest in string of failed art-related convictions

Top five this week | Hire of French art historian Emmanuelle Polack suggests a more proactive stance on Nazi-era provenance research at  @Musée du Louvre

Top five this week | The stigma around state museums selling works means that other institutions dare not buy them; and a frank review of the  @National Gallery's Leonardo exhibition  @Dr Bendor Grosvenor

Top five this week | Exhibition on rediscovered 17th-century artist Artemisia Gentileschi, which includes rare loans, is due to open in London in April  @National Gallery

Top five this week | Korean boyband BTS has launched a series of five major public art projects, with one on show at London's Serpentine Galleries  @BTS_official  @방탄소년단  @Serpentine Galleries

From satirical prostitute advertisements to a baby's beating heart—the must see shows from  #condolondon2020  @sadie coles  @Edouard Malingue Gallery  @Pilar Corrias

Three shows to see in New York, from Pope.L’s overdue retrospective at MoMA to meditations on the climate by Andrea Bowers at Andrew Kreps  @MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art  @Madison Square Park  @MadSqART

The Big Review | With an impressive range of objects, this show at  @British Museum evokes the eternal power of the greatest stories ever told

Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery has acquired 20 portraits of well-known figures, from a tapestry portrait of a smiling Barack Obama to an oil painting of Muhammad Ali, as a gift from the investment banking titan Ian Cumming and his wife, Annette

The Brazilian culture secretary Roberto Alvim has been fired after posting a video on the ministry's official Twitter account where he appears to paraphrase the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels

UPDATE: Stolen Klimt is the real deal, officials say. Read about the rediscovery here

Rare Picasso drawings from ground-breaking film of the artist at work will go on show at  @Royal Academy

Wael Shawky, Superflex and  @eL Seed are among the artists who will base new works on the ancient history of Saudi Arabian valley  @Desert X  @QueRcuS

An intriguing letter suggests that Vincent van Gogh made a very unusual sale to England

Billionaire banker Jaime Botin said he was taking the painting to Switzerland for safekeeping

“Architecture, art and the human spirit versus the power of nature in the mountains and in the lake which you see and feel when you are there.”  @Sean Scully  @Lisson Gallery  @Kerlin Gallery

Opening tomorrow, Artizon Museum's first show includes 200 of its works with artists including Cézanne, Modigliani, Kandinsky, Rothko, Kusama and Zao Wou-Ki

This is the first restitution by Berlin to the heirs of an artist who was the victim of Hitler’s vicious campaign against the Modern art he condemned as “degenerate"

The Honolulu Biennial will be switching to a triennial format for the show’s third iteration, now due to take place in February 2022

The  @Park Avenue Armory with the National Black Theatre, has invited ten New York cultural institutions to join 100 Years | 100 Women, an initiative to commission works by women artists commemorating the 19th amendment

Igor and Olga Toporovsky, a Russian couple embroiled in a fraud scandal, have been linked to a controversial show of Russian avant-garde works in Ghent  @MSK Gent

Directors of the State Hermitage Museum and State Tretyakov Gallery are part of a team enlisted to create laws that will allow President Putin to remain in power

Exhibition at  @National Gallery in London will include rare loans

Cecily Brown will explore “idealised vision of England and the contradiction between that and the reality of a nation in turmoil” at  @Blenheim Palace

Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art is planning to restage the exhibition, which was partly closed due to violent threats over the inclusion of a 'comfort woman' statue

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