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Leo 2.0? Same Fair Minded, Civil Rights Attorney, Author "Your Rights at the Work Place,” Fmr Public School Teacher I’ve always been! On @KABCRadio @FoxNews

Los Angeles

2020-01-02 18:41:53

The  #Democratic playbook is outdated and old. They expect they will automatically get the minority vote but overplayed this week w/ faux outrage over  #Goya &  #DonLemon proving  #BlackLivesMatter isn’t about Civil Rights.

Looking forward to joining  #JasonChaffetz tonight on  @Sean Hannity. Tune into  @Fox News tonight at 6p PT

Big news fair minded friends - I’m pleased to announce my new  #podcast with ⁦ @790 KABC⁩. No (R) or (D) but what best for America and all Americans. Tune in!

Pleased to be joining  @John Phillips on  @790 KABC today in the 12p hour. Will be discussing an exiting new project. Tune in!

Check out: ⁦ @TheLeoTerrell⁩ : America's Fair Minded Civil Rights Attorney KABC Podcast!

The worst Mayor in America is allowing Black Lives to protest in large numbers but not others. Totally unconstitutional. Get rid of him NOW!!  @Sean Hannity NYC Black Lives Matter marches can continue despite large-event ban, de Blasio says via  @New York Post Metro

 #BlackLivesMatter is a fraud.  @Sean Hannity  @Katrina Pierson  @Kayleigh McEnany  @PARIS Geraldo Rivera, Leo Terrell rip 'shameful, spiteful' de Blasio over 'Black Lives Matter' mural 'stunt'  #FoxNews

Thanks! Please tell others to listen. Leo

 @TheLeoTerrell  @PARIS  @Katrina Pierson  @Donald J. Trump Excellent podcast... look forward to #2!! You are a true patriot!

Dear Americans: I just completed a podcast regarding the destructive nature of Black Lives Matter. Please listen and tell others to do the same: We must win in November!  @PARIS  @Katrina Pierson  @Donald J. Trump

‘Dear Friends: Please read:  @Katrina Pierson  @Kayleigh McEnany  @PARIS  @Joe Biden  @Donald J. Trump  @Eric Trump  @#BlackLivesMatter-LA The Democratic Party Has Been Hijacked’: Leo Terrell Explains Why He’s Voting For Trump via  @Daily Caller

Hello fair minded friends - I will be joining  @BILL HEMMER today at 12p PT/3p ET. We will be discussing the extreme actions of the  #BlackLivesMatter organization. Tune in.

Today I was able to join the women of “The Right View” for a fair minded conversation about issues facing the country. Thank you  @Lara Trump,  @Katrina Pierson,  @Mercedes Schlapp, and  @Kimberly Guilfoyle!  #TheRightView

Bravo Senator Kelly Loeffler R- Georgia for calling Black Lives Matter an extremist organization. Do not give up your team ownership in the  #WNBA. I support you!!  @Senator Kelly Loeffler  @Sean Hannity  @Donald J. Trump  @Joe Biden  @PARIS  @Katrina Pierson  @#BlackLivesMatter-LA

'Dear Friends: Please read my views on the real objectives of BLM.  @Sean Hannity  @Joe Biden  @Donald J. Trump Goal is to tear down the American institution': Civil rights attorney slams Black Lives Matter for lack of focus on inner-city crime

TONIGHT: Join The Right View hosted by @LaraLeaTrump, @kimguilfoyle, @mercedesschlapp, and @KatrinaPierson with special guest @TheLeoTerrell at 8:00 pm ET!



TONIGHT: Join The Right View hosted by  @Lara Trump,  @Kimberly Guilfoyle,  @Mercedes Schlapp, and  @Katrina Pierson with special guest  @TheLeoTerrell at 8:00 pm ET! RSVP:  #TheRightView

Join us tonight at 8pm for The Right View @TeamTrump online! Joining me as always will be @KatrinaPierson, @kimguilfoyle & @mercedesschlapp AND special guest tonight @TheLeoTerrell 🇺🇸 see you at 8! 👉🏽

Join us tonight at 8pm for The Right View  @Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) online! Joining me as always will be  @Katrina Pierson,  @Kimberly Guilfoyle &  @Mercedes Schlapp AND special guest tonight  @TheLeoTerrell 🇺🇸 see you at 8! 👉🏽

Looking forward to joining my friend  @Dr Drew today for his  #DoseofDrDrew. Go to Tune in!

 #SchoolChoice is the number one civil rights issue. Education is the ticket out of poverty.  #Trump supports choice.  #Biden and the  #TeacherUnion are against choice.  @Sean Hannity  @Katrina Pierson  @PARIS  @Joe Biden  @United Teachers Los Angeles  @Donald J. Trump

ALL  #BlackLivesMatter - especially those of our nation’s children. Where is the outrage across the country from these tragic losses? Say their names:  #MekhiJames, 3  #AmariaJones, 13  #DavonMcNeal, 11  #SecorieaTurner, 8  #NataliaWallace, 7  #VernandoJones, 14  #RoytaGiles, Jr, 8

Thank you for having me on tonight  @Sean Hannity.  @Don Lemon did us a favor last night & exposed the hypocrisy of  #BlackLivesMatter. They’ve hijacked the  #Democratic party & do not care about the murders of black children.

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