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loving mother and wife who loves animals .i love leo's and all first responders and military ,love livepd and this is a pic of my family. #maga #KAG #2020

2019-08-28 23:34:36

we support our good police and naturely if there are a few bad eggs we don't but for the most part they are good !!! and i'll back the good ones till the day i die ...IGYS....

According to its website Black Lives Matter, Inc is NOT a charity. It is a full-fledged corporation that does NOT have any locations. Can anyone tell me then where the hundreds of millions BLM has raised goes? Can anyone tell me in what state BLM was incorporated & by who?

Are you an American or a Democrat??

washinton state has gone too far letting criminals extort buisnesses so they wont burn them down its time for the citizens to stand up against these democratic pieces of shit i live in wa and we will take up arms and do our own kind of protecting un less the military comes in

Obama Uses Death of Floyd to Fan Flames, Condemn America as Racist Obama talking to the hand again. Obama forgets that the mere mention of his name sparks racism - how he hates America and white ppl. Obama fools no one.  #DividerInChief https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/barack-obama-uses-death-george-floyd-fan-flames-condemn-ame...

Right on! We don’t have to pay organizations to lie to us. They’ll probably do it for free.

TRUMP: We are terminating our relationship with the @WHO.

TRUMP: We are terminating our relationship with the  @World Health Organization (WHO).

Have you been watching the press conferences out of Minnesota today (by elected political hacks) as they congratulate themselves on the good job they did last night protecting property & persons? These are all Democrats! Great job? What does a bad job look like?

 @Tom Fitton Chief Justice Roberts will not escape divine justice, feeling sorry for him, he chose the wrong group.

PAY ATTENTION! George Soros, 89, is still destroying America by funneling millions into local elections. DA’s & judges are the 1st line of defense of the constitution. LOCAL ELECTIONS MATTER, NOT ONLY NATIONAL ELECTIONS.  #VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/jan/25/george-soros-89-still-quest-destroy-america/

Oh my goodness— @CNN’s HQ is under attack and they’re not reporting on it.

This will probably be very unpopular but. If all of these Democrat cities are open for riots, why shouldn't they be open for business?

CNN is literally being destroyed by the monster they helped create

The next time someone says you don’t need a gun or the  #2A because the police will protect you, remind them what happened this week in major American cities.  #MinneapolisRiot  #NYCRiots

DML LIVE: Why Trump must intervene before protests go haywire http://dennismichaellynch.com/dml-live-why-trump-must-intervene-before-protests-go-haywire/ via  @Dennis Michael Lynch

Make  #OBAMAGATE go viral again. We are not distracted. WE REMEMBER.

Sad how the Left doesn't give a sh*t about George Floyd and his family. The family said do not protest and they aren't only protesting, but also looting and destroying other lives.

Blacks are being overrun by paid Soros white radical ANTIFA members, they don’t care about you guys. Mark my words.....

Any liberals having trouble processing this madness, know that these things are only happening in blue states. Democrat controlled. Let’s calm the madness. Vote RED November 3, 2020. These crazy days won’t end until we do😞

Pray for the Whitehouse, it’s staff and all elected officials who are in conflict zones.

what i don't understand is the cop who did this got arrested and booked for 3rd degree murder why are they rioting thats what is supposed to happen right?

To my friends in Law Enforcement, when I said one bad apple spoils the bunch, I wasn't joking. Do you see all of these riots? Do you see the businesses being burned down and looted? Do you see the chaos? Do you know why? All of this is because of one bad cop!  #TheGreatAwakening

It’s not about a white police officer killing a black man. It’s about an attempted Communist revolution.

These are orchestrated attacks on our great Republic right now. Our historic establishments & businesses are getting torched by paid anarchists throughout USA. Democrat authorities are standing down to these lunatics!! WTF does that tell you about their so-called leadership!!?

In an ironic twist of fate, CNN HQ is being attacked by the very riots they promoted as noble & just. Oops

Glass getting broken outside the main entrance to CNN's Atlanta headquarters; protesters cheer

Glass getting broken outside the main entrance to CNN's Atlanta headquarters; protesters cheer

i,ve been sick and away from news and internet and the country falls apart

If people can protest and riot across the country without masks and practicing social distancing then these Governors need to open back up their states so that people can go back to work!

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