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2015-05-10 12:18:45

I promise you if I'm elected, I won't waste any time getting this virus under control. I'll call Dr. Fauci and ask him to stay on. I'll bring together top experts and leaders from both parties to chart a path forward. We'll get it done, together.

Your country is under attack from without and within. Shake off your apathy, shed your fear, harness your outrage, get to work and save this republic.

Remember when Trump wanted churches open for Easter? Remember when Pence said the virus would be in the rear view mirror by Memorial Day? Magical thinking does make schools safe to open. We are witnessing the next act in a national tragedy, with horrible consequences.

Jamie Dimon is everything people hate about corporate fat cats. He’s on with  @Stephanie Ruhle praising Steve Mnuchin, saying reopen the economy regardless, saying “look long-term!” and as to what he’d say to a struggling single mom who’s unemployed: “look out the window and applaud.”

do I have this right? covid-19 is so dangerous that everyone around Trump is tested constantly and Barron is being kept at home, but it's also so benign that *your* kids need to be packed into schools right now and college sports must happen? ok cool, glad we got that sorted out

Democratic National Convention tentative lineup includes: MONDAY: Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders TUESDAY: Jill Biden, Bill Clinton, AOC WEDNESDAY: Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama THURSDAY: Joe Biden, Tammy Duckworth, Kamala Harris  @MSNBC

 @Don Winslow  @voteblue #ReTweet White House press corps have a shit job but it doesn't mean they should be shitty at doing it. Other than some proud moments from  @Paula Reid  @Weijia Jiang  @Yamiche Alcindor &  @Kaitlan Collins, these reporters let us down. As his lies get crazier & more dangerous, their questions get weaker.

 @Don Winslow The White House Press Corps is a disgrace. We need the Democratic Party to form a rapid response team to blitz all news programs & social media with real-time rebuttals to all Trump press conferences. Can we make this happen?  @Mike Quigley  @Senator Dick Durbin  @Tammy Duckworth

Remember how intimately tied WEXNER is to Jeffrey Epstein, Harvard, and Israeli intelligence through Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. This will be...big. 😈


A federal judge orders records unsealed in accuser Virginia Giuffre's litigation with Alan Dershowitz. 

Those include letters by Giuffre, Dershowitz and Victoria's Secret CEO Les Wexner (plus the Wexner family's attorney John Zeiger). 

cc: @CourthouseNews

NEW: A federal judge orders records unsealed in accuser Virginia Giuffre's litigation with Alan Dershowitz. Those include letters by Giuffre, Dershowitz and Victoria's Secret CEO Les Wexner (plus the Wexner family's attorney John Zeiger). cc:  @Courthouse News

Good morning to everyone except  @Lindsey Graham, who spent the weekend at a fancy country club in New Jersey while working class South Carolinians had their benefits cut during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Trump’s executive orders are a hoax.

President Trump keeps attacking the U.S. Postal Service, and now hundreds of thousands of veterans aren't getting their life-saving medications on time. It's despicable. I promise you that as president, I will never put politics over the care of our nation's veterans.

New theory: trump is a demon that ate all their brains. Seriously. Record numbers of hospitalizations in Florida and THIS is what you’re tweeting about?

Ok  @The Popcorn Factory two messed up birthday orders missed delivery dates with no explanation. First time I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Second one tells me not to buy from you again.  #DisappointedNephew

Trump, who'd rather be skinned alive than turn over his tax records (a metaphor, no wisecracks), has challenged - again - Vance's subpoena for 8 years of records. Since the Supreme Court ruled he's not immune, what's next? An appeal to the Trans-cosmic Intergalactic Court?

GOP operatives have helped Kanye in five states. They would be better helping him take his meds and seek professional attention.

More than 160,000 Americans have died of the coronavirus and the president is tweeting about college football.

I’m still shaken up by news of Nikki Haley’s delayed popcorn order. Just knowing that kind of suffering exists in this country has hit me hard.

Trump can’t magically kill the post office. But his goon has taken the USPS tracking system offline to create the PERCEPTION that voting by mail can’t be trusted. That perception will lead some folks to end up not voting at all. Stop feeding the “post office is dead” narrative.

China, if you're listening, please find the results of Trump's cognition test

Trump brilliantly narrows down the location of his acceptance speech. Either break yet another law and do it at the WH, or do it at Gettysburg and celebrate your devotion to White Supremacy.

Raise you hand if you're ready to take to the streets if trump tries to delay the election even ONE day.

When a sitting President is ACCUSED of being compromised, ACTS like he's compromised, fires IG's and avoids ANY investigative oversight, and FIGHTS TO THE DEATH to keep his BUSINESS DEALINGS and financials a SECRET, how does ALL of America NOT ask, in ONE voice: WTF is he hiding?

This is just soul-crushing. How can it be that there has been zero accountability for the robbing of this woman and her family and loved ones of her life and future? How?  #BreonnaTaylor  #BlackLivesMatter

Trump’s Executive Orders are Unconstitutional. He has no legal basis, whatsoever, to unilaterally re-write Tax Law.  @Treasury Department  @Steven Mnuchin  @Donald J. Trump  @The Lincoln Project 🏴‍☠️. That isn’t how it works in America. There are three separate and CO -EQUAL branches of government

Wow! In six weeks thanks to you we have added over 277,000 new followers! Thank you to everyone stepping up to help defeat Trump. Please retweet & ask everyone you know to follow this account. 2K away from 350K!

Maybe Jeff Bezos’s Amazon can deliver the mail-in ballots. Suggest it and watch Trump’s head explode.


I see  #TrumpMadeInChina is trending. Please retweet, reply with the hashtag and tweet it out!

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