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Sammy on CBS comedy Broke. account managed by Mom

2018-08-06 04:35:15

Time to focus  @SchoolOfRockSA Guitar lessons My home for six years. Call Michelle to learn to Rock like a Rock Star

TBTH the best surprise ever On set of broke Pauley played this video message in front of our crew before we started rehearsals. I hope I can still see them play when they are back on the road again.…

joeyjsf I love my face mask. Thank you!!!!!

I’m ready for some vocal lessons  @SchoolOfRockSA Rock like a Rock Star that you are!!!! Call Michelle.  @SchoolOfRockSA You don’t have to live in San Antonio to be a student. Come on you know you want to call…

Relaxing this Saturday. Going over VO scripts for auditions today. What are you up to this 1st day of August ?

Miss you!  @Alex Herschlag hope your day was amazing. 💜💜🎬

If you’re a drummer you’ll understand right  @Deen Castronovo ?!!

Omg!!! It’s finally growing. @PauleyP  bought me this because like her I love to have a garden. Look “Mom” Terry my Tomato is  starting to grow. 4

Omg!!! It’s finally growing.  @Pauley Perrette bought me this because like her I love to have a garden. Look “Mom” Terry my Tomato is starting to grow.

Now to sing like a Rock Star. Learning to do just that with  @SchoolOfRockSA !!! Give Michelle a call and sign up for your lessons !!!!

Man I miss hitting some drums. These shows were so much fun  @SchoolOfRockSA

Cox Panoramic Wi-Fi TV Commercial, 'New Advanced Technology' Song by Walter Martin -  #ispottv. I had fun on set of this commercial

Rocked out today with  @SchoolOfRockSA !!!! My Musical family for the last six years. If you want to Rock like a Rockstar call Michelle and tell her I sent ya! Let’s ROCK!!!!

TBTH I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to book a small part in an upcoming movie “ the opening act”. When I saw who my scenes were with OMG!  @debbyryan truly a super nice person. I’ll never forget it.…

osbrinkagency can’t believe it’s been four years. Thank you for this amazing ride. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us!! Thank you for being the best agency ❤️❤️

Ok so I mixed things up. Lol. It was four years ago when I first arrived to LA. I booked  @Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Nikolaj!!!! three weeks later and my life has never been the same. So grateful for my incredible team…

My first job ever I booked six years ago  @David DeLaO was awesome to work with and I’m so happy we are still friends. Sorry the notifications are on top. I couldn’t figure out how to share straight from YouTube.…

Six years ago today I booked the very first commercial. I was so lucky it was my first audition and I booked it. I think it’s still on YouTube. wheels commercial 2014 I knew that first day on set I…

Vocal time with  @SchoolOfRockSA and David! Sing like a rockstar !! Call Michelle  @SchoolOfRockSA

Never give up on your dream. Four years after this first picture was taken as I pretended to walk a red carpet at Universal Studios  @Jaime Camil made my dream come true.  @Jaime Camil I will never forget this night .…

Time to Rock with  @SchoolOfRockSA Pick an instrument you want to learn to Rock on and call Michelle  @SchoolOfRockSA !!!! Make sure you tell her I sent ya🤟🏼

Waiting to go in for first VO work on location. So different. Waiting to be called in to go to booth. Temp check, gloves and mask ready.  #cartoonnetwork  #gratefulforwok

Time for vocals with David  @SchoolOfRockSA !!! Want to sing like a Rockstar? Call Michelle at  @SchoolOfRockSA Make sure you let her know I sent ya!!!

Time to Rock out with some guitar lessons.  @SchoolOfRockSA Call Michelle!! Learn to Rock like a Rockstar. I’ve called  @SchoolOfRockSA my family for almost six years now.

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