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2009-06-16 18:06:58

God bless our Secret Service for protecting President Trump. Despite a shooting that occurred outside the White House, Trump returned to the press briefing. Joe Biden wouldn’t have returned after a shooting — he doesn’t even do press briefings!

 @Dan Bongino She needs help. Must suck to be that filled with hate.

Politicizing the safety of the President of the United States is absolutely disgusting, and totally in character for an employee of the discredited Washington Post. This person is gross, and she is an example of EVERYTHING wrong with this country. 👇🏻

 #China announces it is sanctioning me in retaliation for speaking out against  #ChineseCommunistParty and defending America’s interests. Retaliate all you want. I’m not backing down

“Do I look rattled?” Trump, with a shooter near the White House, showed the same suave imperturbability that Reagan showed after he was shot. “Please tell me,” Reagan quipped to the doctors, “that you are all Republicans”  #WhiteHouseShooter

Love it when #BabyBlake tunes in to the White House press briefings! ❤️

Love it when  #BabyBlake tunes in to the White House press briefings! ❤️

Speaker Pelosi tried it in America. Now the U.N. wants to add ABORTION funding to relief funds for an int'l pandemic-related food shortage. We stopped Speaker Pelosi’s attempt, and we are standing against the U.N.’s abortion agenda. Join us - sign now.

From the article: “Has there been in re­cent his­tory a more ten­dentious, hys­ter­i­cal, data-deny­ing and frankly dis­rep­utable ex­er­cise in mis­di­rec­tion than the way in which much of Amer­i­ca’s me­dia has cov­ered the Covid-19 epi­demic?”

Our government is truly broken. The inability of Congress to figure out how to come to a consensus on a coronavirus spending bill is remarkable. These politicians need to put their politics aside and do what they believe is actually right for the country.  #TrishIntel

Shots fired outside the White House complex is an absolute redline. Good call by the Secret Service under extremely difficult conditions, considering the ramifications of interrupting a national press conference in front of the nation’s eyes.

MSNBC is the new Young Turks. CNN is the new MSNBC. Fox will become the new CNN. OAN/AVN/Newsmax are the new Fox.

Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan has taken a stand for education, overruling a county’s attempt to order Christian and private schools to close even if they are taking the necessary precautions to make classrooms safe. Read more.

If Black Lives Mattered to BLM inc. then why would they support cutting the salary of the black, female police chief of Seattle? 🤔

 @Donald J. Trump Democrats want you to stay home & sacrifice all of your hard work. Republicans want you to have the freedom to play. Remember that this November when you vote.

The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled.  #WeWantToPlay

Scientists find no link between long lines, coronavirus cases in blow to mail-in voting

McConnell: Dems won’t allow ‘a penny’ in stimulus ‘unless Texas and Florida bail out New Jersey’ | Just The News

Yes Nancy let’s also pray for the over 600,000 babies aborted in US each year and pray for the politicians who think that’s ok and even want tax money used for their killing.

It’s absolutely absurd Fox News allows cheater Donna Brazile to co-host ‘The Five’!

Dr. Scott Atlas, new  @Donald J. Trump  #coronavirus adviser: "You don't eradicate the virus by locking down. You minimize the damage here and remember that the harms of a lockdown are severe. The lockdown itself kills people, destroys families, prevents education of our children."

I’m truly amazed that apparently my appearance at today’s  @New York Senate nursing home hearings would’ve made people “uncomfortable” and that’s why I was taken off the witness list. Wish they had put that in writing so I could frame it.

Every nation has an obligation to protect its people and a right to secure its borders. Even the United States. Check out the video below to find out why walls really work:

More protests involving very large TV sets!

Aftermath of one area looted in Chicago last night. #BlackLivesMatter

Aftermath of one area looted in Chicago last night.  #BlackLivesMatter

Any city that votes to defund or dismantle their police departments should be stripped of federal funding. Who agrees? 🙋🏻‍♂️

Strange looking loaves of bread, right  @Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Looters walking around calmly with stolen merchandise in Chicago last night. #BlackLivesMatter

Looters walking around calmly with stolen merchandise in Chicago last night.  #BlackLivesMatter

I really want to know whether Democratic governors are pressuring their state universities not to play football.

Is it possible CNN’s Jeremy Diamond is dumber than Jim Acosta?

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