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2014-11-20 13:09:27

I don't know who needs to hear this, but fifteen states now spend $27,000 more per person in prison than they do per student.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is the definition of American patriotism. Those who call themselves patriots and smear him are serving only their crass political needs and certainly not the country.

Ghislaine Maxwell has her first court appearance tomorrow. Come on girl spill all the beans.

You have got to be fucking joking! White House press secretary's parents received millions in PPP loans

A mail carrier in West Virginia pleaded guilty to attempted election fraud. 5 mail-in ballot requests were altered from Democrat to Republican with black ink, federal prosecutors said.

here’s a homemade adobo recipe: 3 tablespoons garlic powder 2 ½ tablespoons salt 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 1 teaspoon dried oregano ½ teaspoon ground turmeric 💕

The CEO of @GoyaFoods is at a White House event saying we're
"blessed to have a leader" like Trump. 

Make your shopping decisions accordingly.

The CEO of  @Goya Foods is at a White House event saying we're "blessed to have a leader" like Trump. Make your shopping decisions accordingly.

FL Gov Ron DeSantis says adults going to Home Depot and Walmart means schools are ready to reopen for kids. That makes as much sense as Trump being president.

To the 63 million Americans who thought it was a cool idea to elect a reality show star to make life and death decisions, what do you think now. Lost your job? Health care? Kids can't go to school. Country sold out to Russia. Bars closed, can't see friends and 132K dead

Today was a good day for the Republic.

The richest 1% owe 70% of all unpaid taxes. With the money from these tax cheats, we could do all this: 👩🏽‍🎓Tuition-free college 👩‍👦‍👦End child hunger 🚰Clean water for all 🏡Build 500,000 affordable homes 😷Masks and PPE for all 📬Fully fund the Post Office

Happy 65th birthday to  @Lindsey Graham! As your Senator, I promise to protect your new retirement benefits from Medicare, the program you've been trying to gut for decades.

BREAKING: Deutsche Bank confirms that it will comply with the Manhattan District Attorney’s subpoena for Donald Trump's financial records.

Thank you to everyone that joined our live stream tonight — all 90,000 of you. We're absolutely blown away and humbled by how many people showed up. And thank you for your great questions. If you want to join in on your next event, sign up here:

Here's your  #COVID19 update: ◽️Testing capacity is strained. Again. ◽️PPE in short supply throughout the country. Again. ◽️Today was another record high case count. Again. ◽️NOT ONE SINGLE STATE has a decreasing case count. It's July, people. Not March. This is abject failure.

Trump could not even get Gorsuch or Kavanaugh on Vance. THAT is how extreme his position were. Alito and Thomas are a disgrace btw

 #TrumpIsLosing. Pass it on.

Donald Trump’s twitter feed reads like a man who knows he is facing prosecution in New York.

He can kill our soldiers. He can kill our citizens. But after Nov.3, when he loses in a landslide and faces criminal prosecution, he will not kill our Democracy and he will not kill the Rule of Law.

The current occupant of the WH wants to talk about schools and threats. Instead, here is today's reminder that DONALD TRUMP IS LETTING THE RUSSIANS KILL AMERICAN SOLDIERS AND LETTING CORONAVIRUS KILL AMERICANS. HE DOES NOT WANT YOU TO TALK ABOUT THIS. Please, do not RT!!!!!

No judge, justice, general, prosecutor, author, or benevolent angel will save us. Only the votes of true patriots on Nov 3 will.

Eighty-two cases of COVID-19 have been linked to Kanakuk Ministries' K-2 camp for teenagers in Lampe, Missouri.

Today would be a good day for  @Donald J. Trump to release his tax returns.

Both Trump appointees, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, voted to release Trump's financial records to the Manhattan district attorney.

7-2 in the Vance case! Trump loses!

Imagine being so desperate for attention that you’d be willing to risk thousands of lives for a man who doesn’t even bother to learn your name. cc:  @Elise Stefanik

How lucky are we that the Two Easiest Things in the world to do will change our world forever. 1. Wear a Mask 2. Vote for Biden

It's nice having these Never Trump Republicans riding shotgun because they have a taste for the jugular most of us Democrats lack.

Just a reminder that Trump fired the US pandemic response team in 2018

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