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2009-01-13 22:16:00

Thirty-four-year-old man in  @ICE custody dies from coronavirus https://washex.am/3d6QTYy

Employees at McDonald's store strike after claiming they were told to wear dog diapers for masks https://washex.am/2ZHMQhA

“House Republicans’ sad stunt shows that their only focus is to delay and obstruct urgently-needed action to meet the needs of American workers and families..."  @Nancy Pelosi dismisses  @House Republicans lawsuit to block proxy voting. https://washex.am/2XyOakk

This lockdown stuff is the stick to beat Dominic Cummings with, but it's not the cause of the beating, writes  @Tim Worstall. The true cause is that Cummings has the temerity of having both the intention and the ability to change things. https://washex.am/3c1qavr

“Giving your vote as a member of Congress to another person is just simply not allowed and not envisioned in the Constitution.”  @House Republicans sues Democrats to block plan to implement proxy voting. https://washex.am/3c2K09l

Oregon judge pushes back after state Supreme Court upholds church restrictions https://washex.am/2ZDAmri

"I figure one way or another, we may only have — well at this point, what is it, 5 months left? — to get any of these promises fulfilled."  @Ann Coulter predicts  @Donald J. Trump won't use a second term to focus on immigration. https://washex.am/36w5WZz

@Donald J. Trump announces deal to cap insulin costs for Medicare beneficiaries. https://washex.am/2THZGJ0

Romano is accused of trying to sell millions of items of protective equipment at a markup of up to 500%. In one deal, he tried to sell NYC millions of N95 masks for 400% of the cost from the manufacturer. https://washex.am/2X41MVB

Virginians over the age of 10 will be required to have a face covering when using public transportation and visiting salons, barbershops, and retail stores. Masks also must be worn in restaurants, except when eating. https://washex.am/2XA2fh8

With Drug Take Back Day postponed, lawmakers want people to dispose of drugs at home https://washex.am/3c97x8K

MSNBC host  @Joy Reid suggested  @Donald J. Trump was elected in part due to a promise he made to white Americans to deport minority immigrants. https://washex.am/2AWgwNB

Democrats may hold Virginia's top spots, but a slew of local election wins are inspiring hope that the GOP can retake the state. After months of lockdowns, are voters "questioning their allegiance to the Democrat Party?" https://washex.am/2TIWQmS

NASA:  @SpaceX's historic astronaut launch can unify the country again. https://washex.am/2zzqcx9

"There’s a discrepancy there."  @Kayleigh McEnany comments of  @Joe Biden's decision to wear a mask while he was socially distancing. https://washex.am/36BnJyn

"Presidents are supposed to lead, not engage in folly and be falsely masculine."  @Joe Biden is not a fan of  @Donald J. Trump's "macho stuff." https://washex.am/2M06RIn

Policy analyst: Maine needs lower taxes, fewer regulations to rebound from COVID-19 https://washex.am/3gr36te

NHL announces regular season is over and details plans for playoffs https://washex.am/3d8HWOs

@Ilhan Omar believes Tara Reade but will vote for  @Joe Biden anyway https://washex.am/3c5AcvB

@Donald J. Trump says he is preparing to take action against China this week over its plan to impose national security laws on Hong Kong. https://washex.am/2ZECOOj

@Donald J. Trump gives  @Governor Roy Cooper one week to make up mind on  @GOP convention. https://washex.am/36uSLrR

It’s past time we deal with Karens. Tracing all the way back to the murder of Emmett Till,  @Hannah Cox argues that the false cries of white women have a record of getting black men killed. https://washex.am/3c4DeQD

Lawmakers punt on ethics reform, high property taxes, governor’s pandemic authority during truncated spring session https://washex.am/2zxkZpJ

Dentists turn away patients amid protective equipment shortages https://washex.am/3gp32ug

"Everybody's working":  @The White House intensifies efforts to bring manufacturing home from China. https://washex.am/2M0iAXd

@Justice Department drops insider-trading inquiries into three senators but case against  @Richard Burr remains active.  @Senator Kelly Loeffler,  @Senator Dianne Feinstein, and  @Sen. Jim Inhofe are no longer under investigation. https://washex.am/2M3k038

It’s very unfortunate that the Chinese allowed a deadly virus to blaze around the world, but we’re now living with it.  @Eddie Scarry says that’s better than letting Susan Rice turn the rest of the country into D.C. https://washex.am/3d0VFXE

Sure, haven’t had the 2020 election yet...but the 2024 Republican primary is already underway and the core issue is who is toughest on China. My new column at  @Washington Examiner —> https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/the-2024-gop-primary-is-here-and-its-all-about-china

Despite all the posturing, China is not prepping to go to war w/ Taiwan. "We would have seen a massive mobilization of amphibious assault forces." What exactly are they trying to do?  @Tom Rogan https://washex.am/2TJkDmG

"I think they should say when things are patently not true, they should say so."  @Joe Biden supports Twitter's move to add fact-check to  @Donald J. Trump's tweets about mail-in voting. https://washex.am/2M0Rhft

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