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2009-08-13 23:16:22

If Alabama students are holding COVID-19 parties and throwing money into a pot to see who can get the coronavirus first, that would be a huge moral and public health outrage. In fact, it’s so outrageous it could well be an unconfirmed rumor. We need real evidence this happened.

Tucker Carlson and other media grifters first start off selling sensational bullshit and political junkfood for clicks and views until they reach a big enough audience size to pretend like they are above all the sleazy stuff that made them big and run for office to do much worse.

George W. Bush thrust our nation into a disastrous war with Iraq over false accusations of WMDs. Now that stories are floating around that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill American troops, I want hard evidence that this occured because I don’t trust accusations alone.

What happened to all those critical care ICU doctors giving their intubated and sedated patients hydroxychloroquine like human guinea pigs? They went on TV like expert superstars and everything and now it’s like poof they just disappeared into thin air.

America spends more money on healthcare than any other nation and yet we are the worst at fighting the coronavirus pandemic because we’re the only ones without universal healthcare. We do have the richest plastic surgeons and dermatologists who can do wonders on your face though.

Rand Paul is a physician. Don’t trust what someone says just because they have a fancy degree. Whether they’re doctors, journalists, legal scholars, or whoever claims to be an “expert,” just know that human beings come in all flavors and sizes including flaming garbage.

It’s not enough to tear down Confederate statues. We must also build a better world for our kids and grandkids. So every time we take down a racist monument to Robert E. Lee or Jefferson Davis, we should erect a monument to heroes like Harriet Tubman, John Brown, or Nat Turner.

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