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Christian Resister! Trump's God is his money! Trump loves himself not America!You cannot love God and money.Jesus can and WILL, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! #Resist #FBR

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2011-08-27 12:38:50

WAKE UP WOMEN!!!! Especially my fellow White Women. #TrumpHatesWomen

WAKE UP WOMEN!!!! Especially my fellow White Women.  #TrumpHatesWomen

imagine being such a loathsome piece of shit that your dwindling voter base is down to racists, morons, and racist morons

Reminder- Donald Trump is not the legitimate President of the Unites States. He never has been . He never will be.

With COVID-19 surging across the nation, Donald Trump should be doing everything in his power to increase access to testing. Instead, he's doing the opposite. It's despicable.

 #COVID19 has highlighted what we already knew: Some in Washington are focused on fighting for their corporate donors and wealthy friends. House Democrats will always put the American people first. Full stop.

This is good news for voters: Joe Biden: 600 lawyers ready to battle Trump election 'chicanery'

COVID-19 has literally hit home. I have had NO symptoms and have tested positive.

BREAKING: Governor Andrew Cuomo declares that Trump is a “co-conspirator” of COVID19. Who agrees?

If I led my Marines into an ambush because I didn’t bother to read the intelligence report I was given that said we would get ambushed there, I wouldn’t be tweeting that it wasn’t my fault—I would be in prison.

3 Kushner family enterprises received PPP loans, so did the Daily Caller, Newsmax , Grover Norquist, and David Bossie. Millions of taxpayer dollars funneled directly to  @Donald J. Trump family and political interests ... but yeah ...  #DrainTheSwamp


 @Ted Lieu  @Donald J. Trump Hey ted, your not an American born. Go back to your country and help them cook bats, i hate foreigners that tell us what this country needs, you came to this countryto be a liberal because your country doesn't tolerate liberals

Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch McConnell got PPP money. They're worth 30 million dollars.

She's lying. She knows she's lying. She knows you know she's lying. She even knows you know she knows you know she's lying. But the lies excite the base, and they've decided a high turnout of excited maniacs is their Plan A. Their grim Plan B also requires excited maniacs.

NOW: ⁦@PressSec⁩ says she believes the world sees the U.S. as a leader in the fight against the coronavirus. She said it with a straight face. ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩

NOW: ⁦ @Kayleigh McEnany⁩ says she believes the world sees the U.S. as a leader in the fight against the coronavirus. She said it with a straight face. ⁦ @Donald J. Trump

Here in America, we call that “lying”

@Kayleigh McEnany is repeatedly telling reporters the president said something different than what he actually said.

Reminder: Trump spent days yelling at Denmark bc they wouldn’t let him buy Greenland, but he still hasn’t condemned Putin or Russia for paying the Taliban to kill American soldiers.

If you gather round people, wherever you roam And don’t wear a mask you may never go home Cause the virus is not just about Nursing Homes It's your life, is it worth saving Then you better start thinking’ or you’ll have a headstone For the Virus is A-Changin'

President Trump is now an underdog to win a second term, and Republicans’ Senate majority is in serious danger of being swept out with him, according to the latest edition of POLITICO’s Election Forecast 👇

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epsteins business partner and collector of victims is expected to plea not guilty on Friday. Because of her deep “friendship” with Prince Andrew, she is expected to keep her mouth shut. Deep friendship usually means she’s still being paid.

More pissed at a Black NASCAR driver (who did nothing wrong) than Putin who put bounties on the heads of US Forces in Afghanistan.

Has  @Bubba Wallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!

Donald Trump is a racist piece of shit traitor. Pass it on.

Trump still won’t even call out Putin for killing our troops, because Trump is the biggest traitor in American history.

Trump attacking Bubba Wallace is going to backfire on him... hugely

I was staying at a friend’s house with her children & dogs bc she had to go to the ER. I stayed 4 nights. Exactly a week later, her kids test positive for  #Covid19 & today I find out she has it too. I can’t get tested bc if I have it, I am asymptomatic.  #WhereTFAreTheTests??

BREAKING: Mary Trump’s highly anticipated book "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man" will be released next week—2 weeks ahead of its planned release date

DeSantis is straight up lying. Only people in their 80’s are at risk!?

Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany crumbled when asked why Trump thinks Bubba Wallace should apologize for a hate crime investigation that he didn’t initiate. via  @PoliticusUSA

If a mask mandate is an infringement of rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government? Asking for a friend.

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