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2012-11-04 19:57:57

Is she planning on serving hot meals to Americans who have had their lives destroyed by Mexican drug cartels?

Jill Biden attended event with asylum-seekers in Matamoros, Mexico.

Jill Biden attended event with asylum-seekers in Matamoros, Mexico.

Ain’t Happening, Stick to Bartending 👉 👉 AOC: ‘It'd be an honor to be vice president’

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

"We are paying Congress millions to do nothing. We are paying Trump nothing, to do everything." Joe Dan Gorman.

 @Donald J. Trump Thank you, President Trump, for looking out for our interests. Protecting all of NATO should not fall on the back of American taxpayers. They are not poor countries!

Chris Wray must go. He’s all swamp, all the time. We need serious people for this serious clean up operation. Wray is not that guy.

Now we know the FBI is shockingly incompetent, reckless and dumb even when dealing with cases at the highest level of national importance, and that if handled poorly could undermine public faith in rule of law- And James Comey takes a bow? What a world class schmuck.

Why do we need the Electoral College? Because today: 3 Democrats from New York City & 3 Democrats from California Stood on a stage and announced they were going to overturn the votes of 63 million Americans All in an effort to cancel your votes in 2020 We can't let them

Now it is clear 1-The  #FBI did not fully inform the  #FISACourt that the  #SteeleDossier was produced & bankrolled by  #TrumpHaters. 2-Without the Dossier there would probably not have been an omnibus probe of  @Donald J. Trump. It was a cunning, spiteful omission.

Did  #FBI know  #SteeleDossier was bankrolled by  #HillaryClinton & other Trump haters? Did they tell the  #FISA judge? we're about to find out.

"Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Mr. Schiff’s bribery definition is correct and should be the impeachment standard. Why then wouldn’t Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine in 2015 also be an impeachable bribe?" via  @The Wall Street Journal

Joe Biden called an 83 year old a “damn liar” & then proceeded to fat-shame him after he was called out for his quid pro quo with Ukraine. Classy. This jackass acts like there isn’t a viral video of him bragging about his $1B threat to get a prosecutor fired. Tick tock, Joe.

"What a way to end the decade!"


"What a way to end the decade!"  #JobsReport

 @Washington Examiner  @Ilhan Omar "I did not have sex with that infidel."

 @Washington Examiner  @Ilhan Omar Then can we talk about the potential campaign finance violations associates with your personal life?

"I have no interest in allowing the conversation about my personal life to continue."  @Ilhan Omar stonewalls on divorce case allegation of affair with left-wing campaign consultant

@Donald J. Trump donates nearly every dime of his salary Yet the media accuses him of profiting off the presidency Barack Obama entered office with a net worth of $1.3 million He & Michelle are now worth roughly $135 million So which one is profiting off the presidency? 🤔

@Rep. Ilhan Omar Omar wears a hijab to profess her “modesty” but screws married dudes and breaks up families. She’s a mess

BREAKING -- Hillary Clinton is hosting a dinner and "conversation" fundraiser with the DNC at her home in October for the bargain basement price of $15,000 - $50,000. LMAO. People are still paying her to tell how she lost twice.

 #ObamaOutdidTrump in what exactly? In wasting Black Americans time? Black Americans have prospered more in 2 years under  @Donald J. Trump than in 8 years with Obama.

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