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2009-04-30 00:01:00

I wonder if they have listened to Zepplin “In the Evening” sexiest song ever written and most fun to have sex to.... so I’m told

I wonder if they have listened to Zepplin “In the Evening” sexiest song ever written and most fun to have sex to.... so I’m told

This is wonderful 😂

This is wonderful 😂

Oh hi Bill!! God I miss you!!! Especially your CRYING!! Lol only you and I will understand the power of Cry Baby McGuire 🤣🤣

 @Dan Arel W. T. F. ? What brought this on. Love ya Kirstie. Dan? What’s up with this trash talk?

Larry are you still talking to Ant? Any will argue until the sky falls.. preach to your congregation, we are listening 😘

 @Anthony Joslin  @dave  @Kirstie Alley So just dismiss all the testimonies of people around the world that says it worked? Lol ok Tony. Enjoy your meal. I know you mean well but what your saying makes absolutely no sense. The fact you push back on even plugging in their research that apparently worked is mind boggling

Such a breath of fresh air!!

This is wonderful 😂

This is wonderful 😂

I’d love that! And Perhaps you can go back in time when you were limber enough to suck your own dick 🤷‍♀️the possibilities are endless

Good citizens ALWAYS want to spread their good fortune, no matter what their good fortune consists of. Could be $ or work or advice, or happiness or anything they contribute. Our gifts & abilities are different but ALL valuable.

I call that fighting for a cause or purpose. Fight to be “right” to me means you won’t even look at another side of a topic and must have the last word having nothing to do with a real cause..:)

 @Kirstie Alley I think that depends on what you're fighting for. I fight for animals, and many people don't want to hear it, even when the information presented is a fact. If I didn’t fight to prove I’m right, I would be dead already. For some, the reward for fighting is their life. ❤️💔

 @Kirstie Alley So much yes! It’s cheap Kirstie so Pharma wants it to fail. Middlemen who get legalized kickbacks want it to fail. They want remdesivir which is upwards of $3000 a treatment and only works in hospitalized patients. They want us to be THAT sick to make a profit.

4 every “swag” bag I’VE gotten I’ve donated a million times what they’re worth to people in need. From struggling families to building literacy centers, putting strangers through drug rehabs, children’s charities & disaster relief, I’ve shared. No socialism.Hard work. Im grateful

 @Kirstie Alley Every time I see you tweet something like this, I think about the kitchen that Oprah had Nate do for you and the swag bags celebs get and the free dresses they get from designers. Socialism for rich people. My mentally disabled child’s IQ is a few points too high to get Medicare.

LOOKY how deprived these “kids” are....they need to hitch a time machine back to Prussia and live it up with Karl for a few years ...THEY’ll BEG TO COME HOME  #marxismnotsovogue

Some will fight to the death to be right. That seems a dim reward.

Now THAT could be the key to life..❤️successfully deciphering what’s actually sound. That is our quest.

 @Kirstie Alley Choosing should be based on a sound and critical assessment of the evidence. Not testimonies or cherry picked studies with poorly constructed methods.

Stormy weather.. no, ACTUALLY storming outside it!

Stormy weather.. no, ACTUALLY storming outside it!

If we never got sad we would be insane

 @Kirstie Alley I'm so glad to hear you're fine now! always be happy❤️

Anthony, def don’t take the drug. It’s clearly not for you. You have chosen the studies you deem correct. We have chosen the testimonies and studies we deem valid. Simple as that :)

 @Larry The Cable Guy  @Kirstie Alley If they provided valid evidence, everyone would listen.

Don’t follow me because you think im some kind of hard core conservative. I’m an accidental conservative forced to jump ship because over the last decade my team has taken such a hard left that they’ve ended up somewhere between socialism & candyland with the bent of McCarthy

Off to bed I go.. wondering what the next witch hunt will look like ... kind of getting like Where’s Waldo only instead of a striped shirt he wears one of these

Off to bed I go.. wondering what the next witch hunt will look like ... kind of getting like Where’s Waldo only instead of a striped shirt he wears one of these

It’s hard to trust people who will only retweet or side with “their own political kind”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣we are so beyond fucked up that it’s now borderline bad manners

@kirstiealley Timing is good, I just read this, @brithume posted this earlier.

 @Kirstie Alley Timing is good, I just read this,  @Brit Hume posted this earlier.

Well, that's a very interesting way to get the randomized HCQ trial we wanted. Countries self-sorted into "early use of HCQ" and "control." Result: HCQ lowers death rate by 79.1% - Fed goes Brrrrrrr So honestly, what is your opinion on why the misrep of information on this drug? The low cost? Or strictly Is it really possible the entire medical community skipped a life saving RX cuz they hate one guy? It’s got to be deeper, right?

I have a policy that I don’t get combative with my friends on twitter. I don’t call them out and don’t want them calling me out...Since we all have each other’s phone numbers🤣🤣 I violated that tonight. Sorry

I’m not shoving Hydroxychloroquine down anyone’s throat.. I’m giving my opinion on it. We are direct marketed HARD CORE drugs 24/7 on TV. That gives each of us the right to decide if suicide is an ok side effect from a quit smoking drug or a anti depressant .. or ANY OTHER DRUG

I could be wrong but think they are very similar .. anyway my whole point is if I gut covid or anyone I loved got it I would ensure they got zinc, Zpac and Hydroxychloroquine .. im gonna go w the Drs I personally know and the testimonials by people who have taken it🤷‍♀️❤️

 @Kirstie Alley This is from 2005 about Sars K, Covid-19 and Sars are completely different kinds of coronavirus. Hey I could be wrong.

 @Kirstie Alley The same FDA that allowed genetic manipulation of our food. The ones who allow hormones in our meat. Yeah. They are not our friend. If they were we would noy need to purchase "organic" foods. All food should be "organic".

 @Kirstie Alley I work in pharmaceuticals and there's no way in hell I'll take that vaccine ever.

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