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2015-12-31 22:23:01

reprising message of his Notre Dame speech, US Attorney General believes he’s fighting a holy war: “They’re a revolutionary group interested in some form of socialism, communism,” Barr said of Black Lives Matter. “They’re essentially Bolsheviks.” 1/2 https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/08/10/barr-fox-antifa-blm/

Syed Rahman, 59, died of COVID-19 on March 29th. A 22-year veteran of the NYC fire department, he worked as a part of the recovery effort at ground zero after 9/11. He leaves behind his wife and four boys. More via  @Craig McCarthy https://nypost.com/2020/04/03/fdny-deputy-chief-inspector-dies-of-coronavirus/

The worst lies are the ones Trumpers tell themselves.  @George Conway rounds up the latest litany https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/08/10/i-still-believe-president-president/

ben shapiro's trending so here again is that time he was totally destroyed on the bbc. and notice how when he's called out on his racism, he immediately lies, expecting to get away with it, as he would have on a US show. but the bbc guy tackled that hack

ben shapiro's trending so here again is that time he was totally destroyed on the bbc. and notice how when he's called out on his racism, he immediately lies, expecting to get away with it, as he would have on a US show. but the bbc guy tackled that hack

The president hasn’t committed to giving his acceptance speech at the White House. But his nearby hotel has conspicuously begun charging way more for the weekend it’s scheduled. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trumps-dc-hotel-jacked-up-its-prices-as-trump-began-plotting-a-dc-base...

Every Picture Tells A Story.

Every Picture Tells A Story.

And they were spying on us. They admitted it. "Sir," they said-- and they were crying also. "We spied on you." The deep state I call it. And you get cancer just from standing near a windmill. And if you're a bird, forget it. Biden and AOC want to kill the birds. Check the manual.

Biden is confused but also an Antifa supersoldier who will turn your neighborhood into Portland. He is sleepy and diabolical and he didn't write that tweet. Ask him to take the test, he won't. The last five questions are impossible, the doctors fainted. Biden hates the suburbs.

He wants to hurt God. He wants God dead. But we won't let that happen. The Two Corinthians forbid that. Both Corinthians. Inject it into the body, is there a way to do that? We're looking into it strongly. We're taking a look. We'll have a big announcement on that. In two weeks.

Obama fought WWII but was forced to concede defeat because of the pandemic of 1917 and since then the cupboards have been bare. They couldn't even test for it because there weren't any tests. All the while our soldiers didn't have any bullets. No bullets. Could you imagine? No bu

According to John Bolton, Trump’s day starts with 2 hours for hair and makeup. Unbelievable.

We are going to pass a Green New Deal and create millions of good-paying, union jobs.

 @Donald J. Trump How Hitler seized power: 1. Create a crisis. 2. Demonize opponents. 3. Declare a state of emergency. 4. Undermine elections. 5. Make the rule of law irrelevant. 6. Rule by executive order. If America falls it will be because of the people who sat on their hands.

Who else thinks reporters need to  #InterruptTrump so he doesn’t get away with lying his way into a second term? 🤚

 @NotATweeter16  @The Lincoln Project 🏴‍☠️  @Ben Shapiro “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”. Voltaire

Love watching the president read.

Trump is still confused about what a tariff is.

The president is being highly dishonest.

We weren’t going to post a joke about mail, but sometimes you just gotta send it.

What would you give to watch Ted Cruz try to live off of a single $1,200 check for 4 months?

It's heartening to see all the Federalist Society "originalists" and "constitutionalists" and "Article 1 project" types stepping up to say that constitutional government does not mean government by executive orders or even fake executive orders.

Since the start of the pandemic, Big Pharma has raised prices on over 250 prescription drugs, 61 of which are being used to treat Covid-19. Big Pharma's greed knows no bounds.

160,000 dead and the president wants to figure out a way to get on mont Rushmore https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/09/politics/mount-rushmore-trump-south-dakota/index.html

Those who flock to beaches, bars, and political rallies, putting their fellow citizens at risk, are not exercising freedom; they are displaying, as one commentator has noted, the weakness of a people who lack both the stoicism to endure the pandemic and the fortitude to defeat it

This is your periodic reminder that Senator Ron Johnson is conducting the corrupt investigation that Trump tried to extort Ukraine into doing, relying on sources considered likely proxies for the Russian government. In 2018, Ron Johnson spent the Fourth of July in Moscow.

WARNING TO ALL: Social Security is 100% funded by our payroll tax contributions. Trump's "permanent payroll tax cut" ends Social Security forever. All that money you paid in your whole life will be gone. Think long and hard on that before you cast your vote.

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