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2009-03-13 04:31:49

It's too bad mass gatherings are banned, otherwise I'm sure we'd have a groundswell of grassroots protests demanding the full-scale resumption of military aid to Ukraine... right?

Everybody who assured me for the past year that Joe Biden would implode in spectacular fashion likewise seems very confident that Joe Biden will implode at some point in the near future, when in actuality it seems like what's imploding right now is the US economy? 🤔

This doesn't go far enough, and I don't agree with every premise in the statement, but in general it's a positive thing that Joe Biden is now calling for sanctions against Iran to be eased: https://medium.com/@JoeBiden/statement-from-vice-president-joe-biden-on-sanctions-relief-during-covi...

Jared Kushner spends 1-2 hours reading Wikipedia and surveying his college friends on Facebook and he is instantly an expert on any subject

Jared Kushner is an incredibly talented Renaissance Man, almost like Da Vinci. One day he's solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the next he's overseeing the nation's ventilator stockpile. I heard he also writes poetry

Leave Jared Kushner alone! He got to where he is now -- helping run the federal government's pandemic response for some reason -- entirely on the merits

Great idea to blatantly lie to the public about the efficacy of masks during the onset of a pandemic, really inspires confidence

Adam Schiff wants a “9/11-commission style” reckoning with coronavirus failures? Ok, but only if we have a simultaneous “9/11-commission style” reckoning with the extensive failures of Adam Schiff and company, who perpetrated their own series of highly damaging “hoaxes”

Right-wing tough guys made fun of me two weeks ago when I made a rudimentary mask for myself. Now Trump is saying everyone should wear a mask

The primaries on March 17 had to be postponed because there was no time to prepare. Wisconsin primary April 7 could have gone forward because they've had several weeks to prepare. But "preparing" requires making adjustments to eliminate in-person voting and that hasn't happened

Principal of the Middle School that I went to in NJ just died of corona. He was in his mid 40s

The current iteration of the defunct Bernie zombie campaign is an insult to everyone's intelligence

Residents of Lakewood, NJ who don’t recognize secular authority continue to flout the law and endanger the entire region https://www.nj.com/ocean/2020/04/100-year-old-man-among-15-people-charged-when-cops-break-up-funeral...

"Progressive" media and politicians are more than welcome to continue defending the totally deranged approach taken by the anti-Trump opposition since 2016. I'm sure it will hold up really well, Joe Biden thanks you for this

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