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Bury AFC supporter,proud dad of Alison unreconstructed lefty, Sandy Denny fan,gourmand & quaffer of fine ales.. Big Fall fan. Very professional.

2013-10-26 10:56:38

 @Forever Bury This looks quite a lot like giving support to the person who shipwrecked your club. You're the supporters, you already own the history

 @Forever Bury While you’re spending your Saturdays at the Mill Gate shopping centre, those on the AFC party bus will be having the footballing time of their lives.

 @Karl Lee  @LetsEatStreet  @No..I am Luther Blissett  @The Judge  @Rick Lally  @Forever Bury You can't talk to the FA though it isn't your application and Dale ain't got a fanny hells chance of winning an appeal? Not sure how you think that an appeal can actually be made 🤯

 @Karl Lee  @Rick Lally  @Forever Bury More what? Clarity on exactly what they are doing? Transparency for members over how their donations/fees are being spent? Or just more powder-puff, catty non-statements the like of this?

 @No..I am Luther Blissett  @Bernard Walsh  @Karl Lee  @Rick Lally  @Forever Bury  @Bury AFC I think that ship has well and truly sailed with FC. After 2002 we could have had it all. But as others have already noted, NN (& others) failed us in that regard. Ironic really given the dedication he & JN had for the club.

My name is Boris Johnson and I've just killed 80,000 of you because I couldn't be bothered to do my job! Ooh, look, a refugee in a dinghy! What if he reaches these shores and kills someone? We must stop all refugees just to be safe!

Funnily enough, Anti-Semitism is no longer the story. Immigrants are. Most racists live in the country without seeing a brown face for years. Unless they need to go to hospital. No common sense. No thinking things through. Just out & out prejudice. Because Farage told them 🤮

This is a man who got his secretary pregnant while his wife was suffering from cancer lol x

Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?

If you want to stop migrants crossing the Channel, take a long, hard look at your foreign policy and stop bombing the f*** out of middle eastern countries. Why have we resumed supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, who have caused a crisis in Yemen?  #r4today

Really is impressive how quickly the people who think a virus that’s killed tens of thousands is a big fuss over nothing have pivoted to shitting themselves in fear of a few asylum seeker kids arriving in a rubber dinghy

Due to corruption an explosion reduced half a city to ruins, killing many & threatening starvation on the population of Lebanon but the second most important thing for the UK media is a small boat full of children escaping all the warzones we created landing on a beach in Kent.

Brexit backers Tate & Lyle get a £73m present from the government. After 31/12 they can import 260k tons of sugar tariff free. It saves them £73m. This benefit affects no other company. Avoid buying Tate & Lyle sugar?

Hurrah! At last we have a working Track and Trace App. 👍 Simply Track any recently awarded government contract and you can Trace it back directly to one of their mates.

 @No..I am Luther Blissett  @Bernard Walsh  @Karl Lee  @Rick Lally  @Forever Bury  @Bury AFC Fan managed would be better than no management. But who would be the owner? If it was Dale then forget it. And there would need to be longer term ownership incentives.

Gosh “If only these people would listen to reason”, says the man from the country where fights erupted over TOILET PAPER. #bbcaq

Gosh “If only these people would listen to reason”, says the man from the country where fights erupted over TOILET PAPER.  #bbcaq

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