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2016-06-06 00:10:27

Wouldn't that be something if the only one who is actually removed from office is Speaker Pelosi?

Democrats have made their impeachment bed, and now they're gonna have to lie in it

Basically, Democrats are trying to impeach Trump for being undiplomatic Which is funny, because that's the reason most people voted for him Americans in 2016 rejected decades of Beltway diplomacy that brought more globalism, nation-building, apologizing & political correctness

The feds stopped tracking the stays of Saudi visitors here several years ago after the Saudi embassy, along with the terrorist front group Council on American-Islamic Relations, protested to the Obama White House and State Department.

The Obama administration's "trusted traveler" program kicks the door open to thousands of young Saudi men who can now stay legally in the U.S. for five years on student and vocational visas. And they won’t be monitored while they’re here.

Thanks to a little-known Obama administration deal with Riyadh, Saudi visitors now go to the front of the line & skip normal Homeland Security inspections. And federal authorities now share background checking & other pre-screening duties with the Saudis.

Thanks to the Obama administration's "Trusted Traveler" deal with Riyadh, Saudi immigrants now bypass the normal Customs screening process & proceed to Global Entry kiosks, where they receive a transaction receipt that directs them to baggage claim & exit

Thanks to the Obama administration, Saudi visitors now enjoy expedited security clearance. Under its "trusted traveler" program, the U.S. now trusts Saudi Arabians as much as it does Canadians.

Exclusive: Hillary Rubber-Stamped Visas for Record Number of Saudi Visitors Despite terrorism concerns, the former secretary of state doubled yearly Saudi entrants.

Hero Pensacola Naval Academy grad was victim in Saudi attack who ‘saved countless lives with his own'

Matt Gaetz calls Florida air base shooting "an act of terror"

Matt Gaetz calls Florida air base shooting "an act of terror"

BREAKING: The Pentagon and State Department ignored security warnings and even turned down recommendations made more than two years ago by DOD's inspector general to tighten the security process for screening flight-school enrollees from Saudi and other high-risk Islamic states

Pensacola is hardly the first time jihadists have INFILTRATED American military and carried out terror attacks ... see Chapter 21: "The Fifth Column: Muslim Traitors in the Ranks" ...

Pensacola is hardly the first time jihadists have INFILTRATED the American military and carried out terrorist attacks (and espionage) ... see "Chapter 21: The Fifth Column: Muslim Traitors in the Ranks" ...

2017: The Pentagon is playing with fire. It’s plain its Islamic soldier training has failed its goals & is not worth the security risk. It ought to cancel it before it inadvertently supplies the personnel & training for the next terrorist attack on US soil

Saudi military trainees get US driver’s licenses & base IDs, allowing them to get thru security checkpts. AWOL soldiers have been stationed at 2 dozen military installations in US, inclg in DC area,where theyve rec'd training in weapons,explosives & flying

Still waiting for statements from Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib condemning the Islamic terrorist attack on U.S. military installation in Florida and for statements of condolence for the murdered Navy personnel & other victims of the terrorist attack ...

Federal authorities baffled by motives of MOHAMMED. Still scratching heads why MOHAMMED fragged room full of non-Muslim US military personnel. Still working to determine why MOHAMMED would shoot Americans. Still investigating whether MOHAMMED could be a terrorist. Still a mystery

BREAKING NEWS: A number of Saudi nationals enrolled in pilot training at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., that was attacked Friday by a Saudi jihadist enrollee remain unaccounted for and may be AWOL, sources familiar with the federal investigation tell me...developing...

US-based trainees participating in the Pentagon program have also gone AWOL from other terror hot spots, including 27 from Yemen, 22 from Iraq and 9 from SAUDI ARABIA.

Do any foreign Muslim soldiers DOD brings here for training have terrorist ties or sympathies? We really have no idea. That’s b/c vetting of enrollees is “limited” and the “processes for selecting personnel for training appear flawed,” the IG report warned

Training Foreign Islamic Soldiers Inside America Exposes the U.S. to a Huge Risk "More than half of the missing trainees have never been caught and could pose a terror threat to America, warns the Defense Department’s Special Inspector General."

See full list of 31 vulnerable Dems who may rethink impeachment vote ...

After claiming President Trump "abused his power," "violated his oath of office [&] the Constitution," Pelosi couldn't affirm to CNN's Tapper that she herself would vote to impeach Trump. WTF?! Then she became annoyed @ all the impeachment questions. Uh, this was YOUR idea, lady!

Today's strong jobs numbers are going to make it even harder for the 31 House Dems in Trump-leaning districts to vote for his impeachment. If Pelosi was wigging out yesterday, imagine her angst today.

How Hillary and Obama Rubber-stamped Visas for Record Number of Saudi Students Like the Pensacola Terrorist as 'Trusted Travelers'

Naturally Kerry would endorse Biden. Both their families are partners in the Rosemont Seneca slush fund. They have to stick together.

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