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2017-07-12 01:07:20

Whatever Bill Barr tells you in October - the October surprise - is a gigantic lie that has been planned for over a year. They have literally scheduled a massive lie to drop on the American public.  #TheOctoberSurpriseIsBullshit

I understand disagreeing with someone else’s ideas, but Trump has no ideas.

Surely at  @Office of the Secretary of the Navy doesn’t think peaceful protestors should be attacked by dogs, like Birmingham in the 1960s. It’s critical to do the right thing here & do it publicly to ensure service members & the citizens they protect see that message too.

Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce used “Colin Kaepernick stand-in" for K-9 demonstration at fundraiser last year #BecauseFlorida

Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce used “Colin Kaepernick stand-in" for K-9 demonstration at fundraiser last year  #BecauseFlorida

Trump Talks Tik Tok to Distract Us from his Real Agenda - Setting Up his Claim that Voting by Mail is Rife with Foreign Interference. Here's how Trump is orchestrating his biggest, and likely his final, con . . . and why it will fail. via  @YouTube

One million views and counting. Please keep retweeting #TrumpHasNoPlan

One million views and counting. Please keep retweeting  #TrumpHasNoPlan

An undocumented immigrant who worked for years at Trump's golf resort in New Jersey and later revealed that he employed many immigrants who are in the country illegally has been placed in deportation proceedings.

Donald Trump today: “If you elect Joe Biden I will go to prison.”

I want new friends that believe we have had enough of the Racist Bigots and the KKK Nazi in the GOP. The concept of McGinty Club will achieve my dreams of good people for friends. Thanks

He is losing worse than the incumbent in 1980. Hence the projection and bravado this weekend. A smaller circle will reinforce his nonsense and falsehoods. He alone owns the pandemic response: a disaster of his doing.

He doesn’t feel empathy for the deaths that he is responsble for, including some of his friends. But he will feel the humiliation of his loss and his disgrace.

Fine Young Cannibals

Name this band.

Name this band.

Folks, there's simply too much at stake this November for anyone to sit on the sidelines. Register to vote today — and then reach out to five friends and get them registered as well.

Perhaps Donald Trump doesn’t like the Postal Service because it delivers.

Love these tips from the  @Detroit Free Press on how to recognize and combat misinformation online. In the digital era, it is vital to our democracy that the posts each of us share on social media are accurate and fact-based. Don’t let a misleading meme steal your vote.

There is no reason to no adopt this rule. You're obligated to vote by a certain date, but you're not responsible for how quickly the Post Office delivers your ballot & shouldn't be disenfranchised because they're slow (which looks increasingly like Trump's plan, so mail early!)

States should all adopt the  #postmark rule: any ballot postmarked by November 3 should be included in the tally, even if it arrives after November 3. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

Republicans are complaining that states and officials who are trying to make it easier and more convenient for people to vote are "stealing our election." I think that's called democracy.

CBS News poll: North Carolina: U.S. Senate Cal Cunningham (D) 48% Thom Tillis (R) 39%

In the Trump Administration, vandalism needs a federal coordinated response, but a pandemic doesn't.

 @Anthony Scaramucci His campaign is a massive RICO indictment post-Barr so those on its payroll who “want him defeated” better speak up now or go to prison later. They can’t be on the wrong and right side of history at the same time. If they work for him they’re working for Putin’s mafia.

He has people inside his own campaign that want him defeated.

Welcome home, Bob and Doug! The first American splashdown in 45 years was executed with precision, and is truly a victory for American innovation and persistence. Congratulations to everyone involved on a successful conclusion to this historic mission.

Trump promised we would have a healthcare plan by today. Instead he's golfing again. Just par for the course. Reply with  #TrumpHasNoPlan if you think Trump is a disgrace.

This is my shocked face. You can’t see it, but trust me, I looked shocked. Really. Retweet’s new spot and  #TrumpHasNoPlan


Trump has no healthcare plan. Never has. Never will. #TrumpHasNoPlan

📺 NEW VIDEO Trump has no healthcare plan. Never has. Never will.  #TrumpHasNoPlan

It's August 2nd, and President Trump still doesn’t have an adequate national testing strategy.

Obama welcomed our astronauts home. Trump has yet to be heard from. He really has checked out. Make it official, man: Resign!

CBS News poll: Georgia: Voting now, didn't vote in 2016 Joe Biden 50% Donald Trump 30%

It’s not enough to just go back to the way things were before these crises — we need to build back better than ever. We have to create a new American economy where everyone gets a fair return for their work and an equal chance to get ahead.

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