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2008-07-17 03:38:29

Why would Trump take an anti-malaria drug that is unproven to treat COVID if he has tested negative twice for COVID? I just don't follow this.

A new machine designed to churn out millions of masks at high speed during a pandemic was green-lit by the Obama administration. In 2018 the Trump administration received a detailed plan on the initiative. It went nowhere.

Trump Sent the Guard to the Coronavirus Front Line but Denied Them Military Care Via  @Spencer Ackerman

WH announces that Trump has nominated Brian D. Miller to be Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery, Department of the Treasury. He was IG at GSA where he exposed the lavish conference spending there during the Obama years. Currently at WH counsel’s office

Guys. I’m not sure this is gonna work. George Papadopoulos has $1,115.45 cash on hand for his congressional bid

“He doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about,” Gen. Russel Honore, a retired military general who helped direct the response during Hurricane Katrina, said of Kushner.

NEW — Contra Kushner’s claims, the Trump administration itself has, on several occasions, dipped into the national stockpile to help states in need Via  @Erin Banco  @Hunter Woodall

New: Wisconsin is teetering on the edge of an election fiasco as it tries to hold an election amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "We're over our heads in chaos," one election official said.

Yet another Kennedy family tragedy.

NEW — One week before he demanded every House member cast a vote on a COVID-19 relief bill as a matter of "principle," Tom Massie missed a vote on a COVID-19 relief bill to go to a fundraiser. Via  @Sam Brodey

@Sam Brodey has a fun one coming

Have you lost your job due to the coronavirus pandemic but can’t access because you didn’t have employer-based insurance? Email me:

More than two years ago  @Arthur Delaney wrote about how terrible this recession was going to be because of what Republicans we’re doing to the unemployment system. Unfortunately it’s already looking like my man was right

Coronavirus forced Democrats to push back the convention one month. And, in the process, it hampered Biden’s already middling fundraising apparatus. With  @Lachlan Markay

I must admit,  @Marco Rubio, I’m struggling to gin up the glee today.

farewell  @The Outline. we have all been laid off.

all of 37 years old. McConnell couldn’t find someone literally in law school for this post?

Judge Justin Walker,  @President Trump’s choice to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, is an outstanding legal scholar. President Trump has chosen a rising Kentucky star to refresh a crucial federal court. My statement:

The scale of human misery we are going to see over the next few months is going to be earth shattering.

NEW: Just before  @Joe Biden said during a briefing that his team has been working with Trump's to set up a call for coronavirus, several of the president's own allies told  @The Daily Beast it would be a bad idea to give Biden more oxygen on the pandemic

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