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2009-05-21 17:41:12

PELOSI STUNNER: Nancy Says Vandals Can Destroy Statues Because ‘People Do What They Do’

AS CRIME SPIRALS… De Blasio Says He’s ‘LIBERATING 5th AVENUE’ With ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural

MELTDOWN: De Blasio Launches Deranged Anti-Trump Rant, Screams ‘Black Lives Matter’ in the Middle of 5th Ave

*DEFEND* THE POLICE: Fundraiser for Fallen Tulsa Police Sergeant Takes in $500,000+ in Donations

‘FAR-LEFT UNITY PLATFORM’: Biden-Sanders ‘Task Force’ Calls for Halt on Deportations, Wage Hike, Reparations… MORE.

MINNEAPOLIS BUSINESSWOMAN: ‘I’m Left Alone, I Have Nothing’ After Riots Destroyed Hair Salon

HANNITY: Grieving Father of ‘CHOP’ Victim Discusses Support, Phone Call from President Trump

DE BLASIO’S NYC: City Workers Install ‘Black Lives Matter’ Mural in New York as Shootings Jump 130%

OF COURSE! Beto Blames ‘Gun Violence’ in America on Republican ‘Death Cult Mentality’

TRUMP RESPONDS: The President Rips Supreme Court Decision as ‘Political Prosecution’

NY NIGHTMARE: NYPD Places ‘Limits’ on Retirement Requests as Police Flee the City

BIDEN on ???: ‘We’re Posed… It Can Be Done… To Light Up the Path, I’m Taking Too Much Time’

DE BLASIO DENIED? New State Plan Would Place NYPD Under Control of Independent Panel

British High Court Rules Steele Pay Damages For Violating ‘Data Privacy Law’ In Dossier

Biden Struggles to Remember How His Team Is Already Working with Unions

Biden Struggles to Remember How His Team Is Already Working with Unions

‘More Likely Than Not’ China Has Already Stolen Information of American Adults

The court determined that several of the allegations in Memo 112 of the Steele dossier were ‘inaccurate or misleading as a matter of fact'

 #HANNITY: Biden's shocking vision for "transforming" America. We'll show you his radical plans. Plus: More Dems reveal they are socialist extremists. Guests:  @Donald Trump Jr.@Lindsey Graham,  @Nikki Haley,  @Richard Grenell & return of Andre Taylor & Horace Lorenzo Anderson. Watch!

Biden caves 👇

‘CHOP’ USA? Seattle Councilmember Says She’s ‘Coming to Overthrow Racist, Sexist System of Capitalism’

Biden Uses the Word Woke Incorrectly, Says Everybody’s Been ‘Woked’

Biden Uses the Word Woke Incorrectly, Says Everybody’s Been ‘Woked’

GINGRICH on OMAR: ‘Why is She So Angry at America? Gratitude Might Have Been Better Than Rage’

BIDEN: Funding for Police Departments Should ‘Absolutely’ Be Redirected

LEMON LOSES IT: CNN’s Don Lemon Says Black Lives Matter ‘Only About Police Brutality,’ Not Crime

OMAR to CONGRESS: ‘Why Are You Not Listening to the Voices That Have Been Marginalized for Centuries??’

5 YEAR PLAN: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Leader Lays Out 5-Year Plan to Totally ‘Abolish the Police’

HANNITY: Major American Cities Are in Total Chaos

CNN’s Don Lemon Debates Black Actor Terry Crews, Says BLM Only About ‘Police Brutality’

ATTORNEY GENERAL: ‘We Need a Police Force’ to ‘Provide Peace and Security’ So ‘Our Lives Can Flourish’

TRUMP on SCHOOLS RE-OPENING: ‘The Moms Want It, The Dads Want it, The Kids Want It’

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