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NRA’s head, rent free

2011-02-03 19:32:59

The boys' father admitted to police that he kept loaded, unsecured handguns in the couch "for protection." He’s not facing any charges, but his child is. Contact the Franklin County, Pennsylvania, DA Matthew Fogal: 717-261-3827

Over 40% of officer deaths are related to domestic violence calls in America, and almost 100% of those fatalities are due to armed abusers. Texas lawmakers should honor Officers Edelmiro Garza and Ismael Chavez with action.  #txlege

“The bullet from an AR-15 passes through the body like a cigarette boat traveling at maximum speed through a tiny canal. Exit wounds can be the size of an orange. Most of the victims died on the spot; they had no fighting chance at life,” Dr. Heather Sher, Parkland, Florida

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is launching a class for private citizens on how to arrest undocumented immigrants. The course will train *non-agents in firearms* and how to make “targeted arrests.”

“I’m a volunteer with ⁦ @Moms Demand Action⁩. Our organization stands with our partners, like the ⁦ @ACLU⁩ of Missouri, in condemning Mayor Krewson’s actions. We cannot allow this to happen again, under any circumstances,” Kim Westerman, St. Louis  #moleg

“American lives are on the line, which is why I will work as if my life and the lives of my children depend on it to elect ⁦ @Joe Biden⁩ the next president of the United States,” Katie Leslie of  @Moms Demand Action in McCandless, Pennsylvania  #paleg

Donald Trump is excited about being compared to racist, impeached President Andrew Johnson by a man who had to take “a vacation” after he suggested he’d like oral sex from Ivanka Trump. 👍

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