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School Safety Advocate. @TeamTrump!

Sandy Hook, CT

2015-06-06 02:49:49

Americans shouldn’t vote until AFTER the debates. That’s just common sense.

Thank you, Mr. President. Your administration made School Safety a priority and tirelessly helped me honor my brother. I look forward to working with you for FOUR MORE YEARS!

Joe Biden is reportedly deciding between Kamala Harris and Susan Rice to be his running mate. The Democrats have had 4 years since Trump won and that’s the best they could come up with. They’re doomed.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Derek Chauvin MURDERED George Floyd. You don’t kneel on a man’s neck for 8 minutes unless you are trying to kill him.

The media went crazy on a typo from President Trump today, but still haven’t said a word about the fact that Bill Clinton was spotted on Epstein’s pedophile island with two minors....

If the American People find out Biden’s VP pick next week... I wonder when they’re gonna tell Biden?

President Trump’s approval rating just hit 51% (near his all time high!) Don’t believe dishonest polls that suppress the Republican vote - TRUMP IS WINNING!

President Trump is BEATING Biden 48% to 45% in Ohio!  @Donald J. Trump’s approval rating is 51% (via Rasmussen) https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/07/new-ohio-poll-shows-donald-trump-with-slight-lead-over-joe-bi...

In fear of ever agreeing with President Trump, Democrats have become the party of: - defunding the police and abolishing ICE (open borders) - withholding education from children - disrespecting our military and our Flag - raising taxes - allowing violence in Dem-run cities

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